On Wednesday 31st May we were delighted to host our Hospice Technology Forum, at the Gonville Hotel in Cambridge. Featuring a keynote speaker from Hospice UK, and a room full of industry leaders from the hospice sector, the morning was spent discussing IT system security, the pros and cons of cloud adoption and the value of effective data management.  

Technology Strategy of Hospice UK from Director of IT and Digital Services at Hospice UK, Stephen Thorlby-Coy

Stephen Thorlby-Coy, Director of IT and Digital Services at Hospice UK, kicked off the day with a deep dive into the technology strategy of Hospice UK with a core element being the recent implementation of a new ERP system, followed by a strategic initiative to move to the Cloud in 2024.  Cost savings and the ability to back up and restore data were both highlighted as key drivers of a cloud migration which echoed previous NHS Digital recommendations to health and care organisations. By talking through his upcoming plans for Hospice UK, attendees were offered guidance on best practice and able to see how their current technology strategies stacked up. 

Common Cyber Security Misconceptions from our Cyber Director, David Buist

Following on from Stephen, we then heard from Xperience’s David Buist as he discussed common Cyber Security misconceptions, managing Cyber Risk with Cyber Protocols and how human factors open avenues for hackers to attack. David also talked us through a case study of a facilities management company who had been breached. A key learning for all was around the complacency leaders have with security, with some believing their company is “too small” to be targeted and only “google sized companies with lots of assets get attacked”. David stressed “Hackers don’t care who you are”, which is why Cyber Security is so important.  

The Importance of Data from our CAO, Gemma McAnally

Rounding out the morning was our Chief Applications Officer Gemma McAnally, who delved into the importance of Data for organisations like Hospices and solutions such as Power BI can help maximise their use of data by adding an extra layer of reporting to processes. In the Hospice industry data is of paramount importance with Hospices storing vital details about patients in their systems. The importance of this data can literally be life and death, as medical notes and updates are stored in data systems. Gemma stressed the importance of good decision making when it comes to managing data and looked at how external factors such as work pressures can lead to errors. An example of this could be miscommunication and data that is incorrect or outdated being stored in a Hospice’s system. There was a real focus on how these tools are readily available to businesses and how much of an impact minor change to data processes can have. This was especially clear when she was discussing Teams and how products such as Microsoft Viva can improve your experience and value from the product. One example is how the product can provide better working experiences through stronger insights into employee performance which are personalised and actionable.

The morning finished off with a networking lunch which provided a further chance for attendees to chat to their peers and ask questions of our speakers. We really enjoyed hosting this event and after such a good turnout and engagement on the day, we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a similar industry-focused day at the Gonville Hotel in September. This event will be focused on Not-For-Profit organisations and how our services can help.

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