Cloud Technology Fits Like A Glove For A Workwear Provider

Published: 24 July 2018

Xperience Group welcomes on-board Cottonmount Workwear, helping the company embark on a cloud transformation journey for a resilient and always ‘on’ business.

Modernising an aging infrastructure

Founded in ‘70s, Cottonmount Workwear is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading trade suppliers of quality workwear and footwear. Right from the start, the company showed a real determination to provide unrivalled customer service, however an outdated server and a legacy Sage 200 software couldn’t support their objectives.

To ensure agility and reliability, Cottonmount Workwear turned to Xperience Group, looking for a cloud solution for the business to be more agile, responsive, accessible and secure.

Glenn Patton, Product Development Manager at Cottonmount Workwear, commented “We used an old version of Sage 200 with stock control functionality. We needed an upgrade but our Small Business Server which was 6 years old couldn’t handle it. Over time, there also have been increasing challenges in server maintenance, as well as the reliability of back-ups which failed on a number of occasions. It became apparent we needed a new, modern solution to support our customers and employees, given the number of remote staff we have.”

Cottonmount to join the cloud technology revolution

The new partnership with Xperience will see Cottonmaount Workwear migrate their IT infrastructure to the Cloud, to remain agile and future-proof their business.

David Martin, Solutions Sales Specialist at Xperience Group commented, “With ageing systems which were unable to support both their business needs and the application estate, Cottonmount Workwear made a decision to update their current IT infrastructure. Their brief was short – they wanted a system that is secure and scalable – increasing agility and reducing the requirement for ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Based on their requirements, we suggested cloud and we are excited to help them deliver their IT infrastructure strategy.”

Technology-driven business strategy

Dell reports that companies that invest in cloud and security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors – and Cottonmount Workwear wants to fully benefit from this business transformation.

Glenn Patton concludes, “Cloud is the logical choice for us, given our requirements for accessibility and flexibility for remote workers. Plus, with cloud, we can easily scale up to accommodate any increase in future volumes — and we don’t have to go through the entire upgrade process again.”

About Cottonmount Workwear

Cottonmount Workwear is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading trade suppliers of quality workwear and footwear.

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