9/10 businesses surveyed following implementation of Auto Enrolment stated it is complex and time consuming legislation putting a strain on resources and they underestimated the level of involvement required. With this in mind, Xperience Group have an Auto Enrolment WebEx to support customer with preparing for Auto Enrolment on 15th April.

The Xperience group series of Auto Enrolment WebEx’s have been introduced to guide businesses through implementing this new legislation. Being ready to implement Auto Enrolment is critical and the date for SMEs to start the process is fast approaching. Auto Enrolment is new workplace pension legislation which requires all UK companies to enrol eligible employees into an approved pension scheme.

It’s important businesses do not underestimate the time and resources implementing this scheme could take. There are costly fines and potential legal action for those businesses who do not comply accurately with the process.

Peter Day, from Xperience Group says ‘Many businesses to date have misunderstood the work involved in understanding and ensuring compliance with Auto Enrolment. Xperience Group are aware of the implications of Auto Enrolment and want to help businesses manage the process with ease.’

The sessions, costing £99 per person, will include hints and tips on how to make implementation of this process easier and more streamlined. The aim of the WebEx’s are to assure business they can comply with Auto Enrolment with minimum strain on resources.

To book email Xperience Group via [email protected] for more information.

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