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Key Contact(s): Cynthia Crawford
"The information available is brilliant. It allowed us to understand the volume and type of support calls better than we did historically! With better visibility we are able to make better informed decisions about our products and services, in line with customer needs!"

Ready Egg Products carried out a complete upgrade of its computer hardware and software

Assisted by Xperience. In addition to increasing efficiency, the aim was to ensure that there would be reliable communication between the existing facility in Fermanagh and the new facility in Markham Vale. The upgrade would also accommodate a project to automate the company’s Sales Order Process.

Cynthia Crawford is Ready Egg Products’ Office Manager who joined the company at the end of 2013. “Being more efficient was our number one priority,” she explains. “In order to improve efficiency we needed to upgrade everything. In the summer of 2014 we installed a new server, a new suite of computers and upgraded all of our software.

“Upgrading from Pegasus Opera 2 to Opera 3 was part of this process. We were keen to get it up and running quickly so we could start work on improving our Sales Order Process. Cynthia explains that “we wanted to utilise Pegasus more and move from a mostly manual sales order process to a more automated system that will make our lives much easier.’

“We’ve been with Xperience for a number of years, long before I joined the company,” Cynthia continues. “They understand the way we work and our need for complete business continuity. When it came to the new install, we simply couldn’t afford the disruption of changing everything over during the week. This meant that the entire implementation – new computers, server and software – had to be carried out over a single weekend. Thankfully Xperience was able to accommodate us.

“To be truthful, with such a tight schedule, I expected there to be hiccups but I’m delighted to say that there weren’t any.. Staff simply turned up on a Monday morning and were able to continue as normal.”

Cynthia explains that, in her role, she is not the biggest user of Opera 3. “Those working with sales, purchasing and accounts on a daily basis are the heaviest users; I asked them what they thought of the upgrade, they said that they found it very similar to its predecessor – the same familiar dashboards and so on. It’s just more slick and up-to-date with added functionality.

“We did look at other packages before deciding to upgrade, but we find Opera 3 to be user-friendly, and of course we’ve been using it for years so we know how it works – and we find it works very well for our needs. There are also other features of Opera 3 that we haven’t been using, in time perhaps we will start using these too.



“We have a very good relationship with Xperience,” Cynthia concludes. “We have had some communications problems caused by the internet here in Fermanagh. Xperience has been working with us and other third parties to facilitate good communications between our site in Lisnaskea and our site in Markham Vale. Xperience has worked with us to find solutions to any issues we have come across to date.”

“I appreciate that I can call Xperience when we encounter any I.T. problems. Like the problems, we had with the new clocking machine at Markham Vale, for instance. The idea was that we would monitor workers’ hours from the head office in Fermanagh, but poor internet connections were making this difficult. We asked Xperience to see what they could do; Xperience liaised directly with the engineers installing the clock-in machine and I don’t know how they did it, but they fixed it!

“Yes, I’m very happy with Opera 3 and with Xperience. It’s especially good that Xperience is dealing with both our hardware and our software so if there are ever any problems they can talk to each other and get them fixed.”

About Ready Eggs
Based in County Fermanagh and with a new factory in Markham Vale, England, Ready Egg Products is one of the largest manufacturers of egg and egg products in the UK, producing a range of pasteurised liquid egg products and hard-boiled eggs for the foodservice and manufacturing sectors.

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