Xperience Supports 'Growing Something Brilliant' – Action Plan for Growing the Northern Ireland Economy

Published: 27 May 2015

Growing Something Brilliant – An Action Plan for Growing the Northern Ireland Economy is an initiative launched by Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce aiming to foster business growth and prosperity across the region. Along with 1200 companies, Xperience is delighted to support the project and work towards Northern Ireland’s economic development.

Last week, the Chamber of Commerce published an action plan calling on the government to boost economic growth across Northern Ireland under the headings of skills, infrastructure, supporting investment, cutting costs for business and growing exports. The plan urges the government to create the conditions that nurture business development, which will allow Xperience together with other business community members to take risks and create much needed employment for job seekers of all ages and from all communities in both urban and rural areas.

Northern Ireland is ranked 20th out of 26th countries in skills ranking and this has remained unchanged over the last decade. Consequently, among the key action areas identified in the plan is the need to prepare young people for the world of work, investing in the skills of those already at work, and ensuring the supply of skills required to grow the economy. Small and medium businesses that make a significant investment in training would hugely benefit from the government providing additional financial incentives, such as tax credits, which would then contribute to the country’s growth and exporting.

Patrick Leggett, Sales Director at Xperience Group comments, “There is a definite shortage of people with strong software development and Microsoft skills.  From an SME perspective, FDI can increase competition for skills, so we need access to, and support to, develop more local talent to ensure that we are not exposed and able to continue to expand.”

The publication of the plan is the first step towards creating a better business environment that provides opportunities for all and supports business growth. Businesses leaders are calling for political stability so the country’s economy can catch up with the rest of the UK.

Ann McGregor MBE, Chief Executive of NI Chamber said, “Our Growing Something Brilliant plan sets out a number of recommendations to help overcome barriers to business growth. These are practical, pragmatic and achievable and the goals are shared by companies in every county of Northern Ireland. We call on the Northern Ireland Executive and local authorities, regardless of location or political colour, to work together – and with us – to make it a reality.”

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