Xperience delivers a future-proofed manufacturing ERP solution for MACFAB Systems

Published: 2 August 2023

MACFAB Systems are a renowned manufacturer of waste compactors. Xperience’s manufacturing ERP expertise empowers MACFAB in their mission to optimise recycling processes and reduce carbon footprints. With our cutting-edge, fully integrated Microsoft Business Central ERP application, MACFAB can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals while maximising operational efficiency.

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As they continue to grow MACFAB have struggled with business efficiencies and productivity caused by using disparate applications such as Pegasus Opera Excel. By introducing them to Business Central, Xperience will enable MACFAB to consolidate these applications into a single unified platform.” – Simon Fovargue, Senior Sales Specialist at Xperience

MACFAB achieve efficiency and productivity with Business Central

Business Central’s advanced manufacturing capabilities will empower them to embark on a phased implementation approach. In the initial phase, a like-for-like replacement of Pegasus Opera will be executed, with a primary focus on implementing Bills of Materials (BOMs). Subsequently, the client plans to progress towards a comprehensive implementation of the full Manufacturing module in future project phases.”

By utilising Xperience’s expertise in delivering manufacturing ERP solutions, MACFAB will be able to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency and enhanced productivity. This will help their customers achieve their goal of significant waste reduction and help MACFAB attain their vision of driving positive change within the waste management sector and promoting environmental sustainability.

“Choosing to embark on this project with Xperience was an easy decision. We have been working with them for more than 15 years and have always found their support excellent. As a partner they understand our business and are great to work with.” – Cian McMahon, Sales and Marketing Executive at MACFAB

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