What’s New in Microsoft Teams? 

Published: 14 June 2021

As of April 2021, Microsoft Teams has 145 million daily active users, up from 115 million in October 2020, and almost double the figure from one year ago. If your organisation is already using Microsoft Teams, in this article we cover some of the recent and upcoming features and enhancements that will help you make the most of it. 

Microsoft Teams Webinar Functionality 

Alongside the existing schedule meeting and live events options, Microsoft Teams now allows you to host a Webinar. 

You can ask attendees to register for an upcoming event, which replaces the need to use 3rd party registration tools such as Eventbrite. As a part of the functionality, you get a registration and attendee report, from within the meeting dashboard itself. What’s more, you can have up to 7 presenters, brand the lobby with your company logo, and access a custom dashboard detailing registrations and attendance data!


Client Case Study – Georgia Kennedy – Marketing Executive @ Smiley Monroe comments: 

“Microsoft Teams has transformed how Smiley Monroe communicates both internally and externally.” 

“Before the pandemic, Smiley Monroe relied heavily on face-to-face customer interaction to help solve problems and build long trusting relationships. Once Covid hit, suddenly that face-to-face interaction in the traditional sense was taken away. “We didn’t want to miss out on all of the conversations that our physical tradeshows or customer visits allowed us to have.”

“So we turned to the virtual world of Microsoft Teams – all of a sudden we could have those face-to-face conversations again (albeit virtual) no matter where our customers were located – USA or India – in the office or at home, we could stay connected. Last December, we launched our first webinar series to talk about problems that our customers face and the solutions that Smiley Monroe could offer. It was such a success that we started a series with our third webinar going live tomorrow. Microsoft Teams has provided us with a platform to present our webinars and enable us to have those important conversations and remain close to our customers. “ 

Microsoft Teams Meeting Polls 

Live Polls are a great way of gauging reactions of not just your clients but your internal stakeholders as well. By adding a poll at the start of a meeting, you can gauge feedback on meetings as they happen without breaking up the flow by stopping and asking questions. 


Meeting Polls are controlled by Microsoft Forms, and can be also created live on the fly during the meeting itself, allowing you to draft them as you go and send them live once you are ready for your audience to interact with them! All results will be visible in a results dashboard and can be exported to Excel when you are ready to analyse the results further.  


Coming Soon! – Team Meeting Catch Up 

Microsoft Teams will soon automatically record all your teams meetings, and play them back to attendees and non attendees at the end of the meeting.  Additionally, the recap functionality will allow meeting attendees and those that didn’t make it, not only to see a full meeting transcript but also chat log and any files that where shared during the meeting.   

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