WEBEX: Improve your Sage 200 Reports with Power BI

Published: 24 May 2017

Is your reporting restrictive? Would you prefer more visual reports? Do you lack flexibility to query more dimensions? By combining Sage 200 & Microsoft Power BI you can quickly convert your data into meaningful insights with rich visual dashboards, accessible on any device.

Last week, we hosted a WebEx exploring how Power BI can convert Sage 200 pivot tables and worksheets into drillable, real time reports to help you improve analytics and business performance. Here we share the recording so you can see the value for yourself…

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool which enables you to see your business in new ways. With visual dashboards and interactive reports, Power BI allows you to slice, dice and filter your data, giving you a 360-degree view of your business, in real time. Ultimately, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive business success.

What are Sage 200 reports?

The Sage 200 reports consist of powerful Microsoft Excel integrated reporting tool which enables you to slice-and-dice  your Sage 200 databases incredibly efficiently. There are over 80 pre-built reports available, including everything from Customer and Supplier trends, to Stock Profitability and Business Analysis.

Why is Power BI better than Sage 200 reports?

Although Sage 200 provides a wide range of pre-set reports, it lacks the flexibility to modify the existing templates.  With Power BI you can connect to your Sage 200 data and transform it into easy-to-interpret, visual reports, providing insights for better decision making.

Unlike Sage 200 that takes a snapshot of data every day, Power BI reports are refreshed every hour to give you the information in real time. Reports are drillable, allowing you to explore the data down to the transactional level for a comprehensive view of your business performance.

Power BI can combine data from multiple sources, including not only Sage 200 but also Excel, Google Analytics or a CRM platform.  Once set up*, you can easily view real time reports and create new ones in minutes, reducing time spent pulling multiple reports.

Watch the WebEx to see how they compare

Possible applications for Power BI and Sage 200 data

The possibilities for your Sage 200 reports are endless – Power BI can be configured to present data that is meaningful to you, including:

Sales reports

Want to forecast sales better and increase profitability per sale? Power BI allows you to review current sales performance, including sales by customer, country, product & agent to forecast revenue and identify areas for improvement.

CRM insights

Analyse your marketing campaigns to understand your audiences better and target them with the right product at a right time.

Financial performance

Gauge financial health from summary statements to account-level detail and identify ways to increase revenue or reduce costs.

Production insights

View data from production to distribution, including outstanding work order status and bill of materials to optimise manufacturing processes

The benefits of Power BI for Sage 200 reports

Power Bi gives you a single view of your most critical business data through a set of interactive and easy to interpret visuals. It allows you to create unlimited reports and navigate across multiple layers of data smoothly, without restrictions of pre-defined report templates.

With automatic data refresh, your reports are always up to date, allowing you to solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as they arise.

* Power BI is a FREE tool, however there is a charge for setting up the integration with Sage 200. Please speak to your Account Manager for more details.

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