Using Microsoft Teams as your phone system 

Published: 24 April 2023

Hybrid working has become an everyday part of our lives, and the Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to find ways to work outside of the office. Microsoft Teams provided a space to do this, allowing organisations to hold meetings, share files and collaborate with other Microsoft products. During the pandemic, Microsoft Teams saw an increase in downloads by 750%. Nowadays Microsoft Teams has 280 million users up from 145 million in 2021. In addition, this growth shows how popular and successful teams is. With this in mind, this blog will delve into the benefits of using Microsoft Teams as your organisation’s phone system.

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams as your organisation’s phone system

  • Collaboration

    There are multiple collaboration tools in Teams that allow teams to work together across devices and locations. The beauty of this is you can work on a project wherever you are. For example if you are a company who has to visit sites, working remote will not impact your projects. 

  • Flexibility and accessibility

    Microsoft Teams has a mobile app that means workers are no longer tied to their laptops when they need to contact people.
    Resources can be shared on Teams mobile just the same as on  a laptop. Therefore, this means tasks can be met on demand, and communication is strengthened across the organisation. 

  • Productivity gains

    Teams integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, allowing you to put all your resources in one place allowing you to collaborate and increase productivity. Team conversations, meetings, shared documents, notes and more can all be shared in one single interface. This improves visibility for your workforce. Third party apps can also be integrated into Teams, which again improves productivity as all the tools your workforce needs are in one easily accessible place. 

  • New team members can be added quickly

    Teams has opened up sourcing new talent for businesses as well as getting them up to speed faster. You are not limited to geographic location, as you can recruit people from across the globe, and you do not have to wait until you are in person to get them started either. This allows businesses to grow at a faster rate than ever, with more opportunities for recruitment and induction of new staff. Teams has essentially widened the net and made touch points with candidates easier than ever. Gone are the days of having to travel for face to face interviews and inductions! 

  • Spam Protection

    Spam calls have hit record highs in recent years. However, answering calls are vital to all businesses and for some, like contact centres, each call must be answered.  Consequently, this makes it easier for spam callers to reach their targets.  Microsoft Teams phone now has an added Spam identifier tool for calls. This allows you to ignore the call, freeing up the line for genuine callers. 

  • High-Level Security

    Microsoft Teams comes complete with the highest-level of security and reliability. All calls and shared data are fully protected by the custom-built system for your business. 

  • Hands-free features

    Microsoft Teams allows managers to conduct calls on the go between locations. Apple Car Play and Android Auto now being compatible with Microsoft Teams increasing accessibility for managers and their Teams.


In conclusion, there’s many reasons you should consider using Microsoft Teams as your organisation’s phone system. From the increased accessibility to high level security, there is no doubt Teams is playing its part in improving the efficiency and profitability of organisations. Therefore, the growth of Teams is further proof of its value. Additionally, competitors may be reaping the benefits of this already, leaving you stuck with your outdated, limiting phone system. 

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