Using Automated CRM workflows to improve your business 

Published: 20 September 2022

Many companies still find it challenging to improve their sales processes and drive efficiencies across their business. That’s because most still stumble with manual processes internally. It does not matter how experienced your team is, they are only able to be as productive or efficient as the process or technology which they work with allows.  

So how can you overcome these issues? Implementing the right system or tool which manages your communication and interactions with customers and prospects can considerably improve your processes using automated workflows. CRM has become a must-have for businesses with the CRM market itself becoming one of the fastest-growing industries, with projections of growth over a rate of 13% from 2022 to 2030 (Grand View Research) 


Top 4 Business Benefits of CRM Automated Workflows

1. Automation of essential activities 

Some tasks are just time-consuming and can easily be completed by automated processes. Creating reports, sending out invoice reminders, and following up with new contacts, CRM systems can assist your departments by automatically executing those repetitive tasks, allowing your team to work on more complex assignments at a faster pace. 

2. Reduces Costs 

When automation is in place, tasks naturally become less time-consuming. This reflects directly in the reduction of costs through increased productivity. Also, the chance of having tasks executed more than once decreases exponentially. It will give your team space to focus on what matters. 

3. Customer Service at its best 

With CRM optimized to give your team centralized information, customer service naturally becomes faster and clearer. In a PwC report, 65% of people interviewed in the UK said that good and fast customer service will impact their decision on purchasing a product. 

Imagine that a customer visited your website to register a complaint. CRM will automatically flag it to the team, so they can act rapidly and fix the issue. Also, new leads will take less time to be contacted, as all the information is centralized by the system. 

4. Better communication between departments 

There are some projects where your departments are going to need to work together. An automated CRM will allow your teams to track conversations, collaborate on documents and request tasks as they go. The system will centralize your customer information so every department can have more clarity over them. 


If you want more details on how CRM automated workflows can help your business grow, feel free to reach out to one of our experts! 

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