UK Construction Industry News – November

Published: 25 March 2018

New Year, New Industry focus? This month has seen several positive announcements which will help ensure the construction industry move from strength to strength in the coming years. This Round-up brings news of a united front in the wake of BREXIT, as well as a government productivity boost for the industry.

Construction Associations Unite for Brexit Manifesto

With BREXIT negotiations in full swing, seven of the construction industry’s major trade bodies have come together to set out what they believe to be the sector’s responsibilities and requirements post-Brexit. The Manifesto included the need to recruit and train more UK workers to reduce the risks faced by the industry’s reliance on migrant workers. Read more of the key pointers in the Manifesto via Construction Index here.

Construction Wins Government Backing for Productivity Boost

With the UK Government in a bid to boost productivity, Construction has been selected as one of the industries in which the government will place its focus. On the back of this announcement, the government commented “The government and the construction sector, through the Construction Leadership Council, have agreed a Sector Deal to transform the productivity of the sector benefiting the wider economy. The deal will substantially boost the sector’s productivity, through greater investment in innovation and skills, creating new and well-paid jobs and maximising its export potential.”

Read the full story via Construction Enquirer.

London Office Construction Steps down a Gear

New figures have highlighted a downturn in construction activity in London. On a whole, the number of projects in central London has dropped to a three-year low. It has been suggested that delays are due to BREXIT and rising material costs. With plans in place to future-proof the industry ahead of BREXIT, this may well be something government and industry officials are looking at rectifying. See this news story in full here.

How to Stay Warm on Site this Winter

In other news and on a lighter note this month, a forward-thinking safety wear specialist has launched a new range of thermal hats designed specifically to be worn under hard hats. For those of you out on site this winter, we’re sure these will be on your Christmas list! Find out more about here

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