Ugne’s Career Journey: Graduate To Client Account Manager

Published: 26 April 2022

Ugne Svegzdaite  

Job Title: Client Account Manager 

Location: Lisburn Office 

Degree/University: Business Management at Queen’s University Belfast 

Start date: 1st October 2019 

The Start of Ugne’s Career Journey with Xperience. What did your Graduate role involve?  

I joined Xperience as a Graduate Client Account Manager in October 2019. The Graduate role in Xperience has been a perfect opportunity for me to learn and develop my IT knowledge, which was very minimal after graduating from Business Management degree.  

I would describe Graduate programme as a very hands-on experience. After few months of internal training from the key people in the business I was assigned small day to day responsibilities with an opportunity to shadow and learn from my colleagues. This has been an amazing opportunity to learn and get invaluable tips and advise from the industry experts that have been doing this job for 30+ years.  

What support and mentoring was offered to you as a recent Graduate?  

Looking back from where I came and where I am now, I could have not done it without the help and support of my colleagues! There is no doubt that the best part of Xperience is people! People is the key for great Xperience! It is great to have a culture in the company where everyone is genuinely rooting for your success in achieving all your goals. People in Xperience are there to support you in every step of the way.  

What does your role involve now? 

After few months of support and mentoring I was given more responsibility – assignment of my own clients and now, 2 years later, I am looking after over 60 different business in Xperience. Today my role is to simply be a trusted adviser to all clients on their IT queries.  

Benefits of working at Xperience 

The first lesson that you lean in Xperience, which I still live by it – ‘No question is a silly question’. With such a dynamic industry, every day is a learning day which makes Client Account Management role very interesting.  

Why would you recommend Xperience as a great place to work?  

I believe that Xperience is a great place for anyone who is passionate about IT and all the ways it can help other business to reach their maximum potential! It’s a great place to gain knowledge about various fields in IT industry and to learn from a hands-on experience! I could not recommend it more to anyone who is looking to start their career in IT industry.  

Interest in a career at Xperience?

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