Spring Update for Dynamics CRM Helps Businesses Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences

Published: 5 June 2014

Microsoft introduce new marketing, social listening and customer care capabilities to Dynamics CRM with Spring ’14 update, enabling users to deliver amazing customer experiences.

This week, Microsoft have announced the release of the Spring 14 update (Service Pack 1 for on premise users) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The Spring Update focuses on three key areas, marketing, customer care and social listening, to enable users to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corp comments, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM has made unbelievable progress over the last few years, and the amazing capabilities in this release deliver significant value to our customers as an important component of the Microsoft Cloud for business. Through innovative business applications in the cloud, businesses can better meet their customers’ needs and thrive in a changing world.”

Nick Poncia, CRM Product Manager at Xperience Group remarks, “Customer behaviour is ever changing and it is important for businesses to listen to what the customer wants and adapt accordingly to meet their needs. The Microsoft CRM Spring 14 update gives businesses the right tools to help them understand their customers and empowers them to satisfy ever changing customer needs.”

Increasingly customers look to the internet and social channels to inform purchase decisions. With the latest Dynamics CRM Update sales, marketing and customer service professionals to tap into social dialogue and obtain real-time feedback on brand, product and customer issues. The intelligence gained from Social Listening can be inform business strategies, adapting quickly to satisfy customer demands, ahead of the curve.

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About Microsoft Dynamics

At the heart of every successful business are the people who make things happen. Microsoft Dynamics designs modern business solutions that empower individuals with intuitive tools that allow them to do their best work. Our proactive, easy-to-use business applications adapt to the way people and systems work, enabling businesses to rapidly deploy and be forward-looking in an ever-changing world.

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