Reasons why Digital Transformation is essential for business growth

Published: 23 September 2020

The rate of digital transformation (DT) growth across the globe today is unprecedented. Businesses from across industries are embracing technological innovation and data analytics as part of their DT strategy, won over by the numerous benefits the shift offers.

But while many department heads throughout the company may already be sold on the idea, getting buy-in from the C-suite might prove to be trickier. Directors often lack the technological background to understand the nuances of digital and draw conclusions about the ways such transformation would benefit their organisation.

In order to gain their backing, you would need a solid business case which clearly states the merits of investing in digital transformation growth and how DT would help the company get ahead of competitors. Make sure to include the following:

Drivers of digital transformation growth

Changing customer experience demands

Businesses from all sizes and industries are noticing one key shift brought about by the digital era – namely, the way customers interact with their offering. With digital now being the norm, customer preferences are taking new shape, leaning heavily towards on-demand services, instant purchases and personalised experiences.

If they want to remain ahead of the curve, companies require robust customer data insights which allow them to anticipate the need of their audiences and adjust their offering to meet those needs. But digital transformation spans beyond collecting information on consumer trends – it also redefines how customers experience your brand.

In the world of digital, user experience rules the day. Organisations are expected to provide their audiences with a streamlined experience which seamlessly connects social media channels, mobile apps and web to make every interaction with your brand as effortless for the customer as possible.

When it comes to customer experience, digital transformation market growth is achieved through innovative consumer engagement strategies, such as multi-platform loyalty schemes and marketing automation at every stage of the sales funnel.

Technological innovation

In order to keep up with evolving customer demands, it’s not enough to simply change your business strategy – you also need to change your company tech infrastructure. Since connectivity and new technology constitute a big part of digital transformation growth, organisations face pressures to re-evaluate their existing systems and invest in new solutions, tailor-made to tackle the challenges of the digital era.

Novelties like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and AI will be the main advances shaping the technological image of all industries over the next couple of decades. And it will be the businesses which successfully leverage the power of these tech innovations to reinvent both their operations and their offering who prosper in the new digital world order.

The rise of data analytics

Enabled by new, powerful technology and firmly embedded at the heart of exceptional digital customer experience is data. Being able to monitor the ways consumers interact with your brand and analyse the information you’ve gathered is crucial to keeping your business agile.

Real-time data insights offer a wealth of knowledge on what works well for your company and what doesn’t, giving you a competitive advantage over other organisations in the industry who are yet to invest in digital transformation growth.

Achieving digital transformation market growth

Remaining agile is at the forefront of digital transformation growth. Adapting to emerging technological trends, keeping your business offering relevant through continuous innovation and building strong customer relationships through unrivalled digital experience are all made possible by investing in DT.

Whether adopting a digital transformation market growth strategy means completely reinventing your business structure, or simply updating the ways some parts of your organisation function, the end result is clear – a competitive edge over those companies still resisting the transformation.

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