This month Xperience launch Pegasus Business Cloud – a solution that enables businesses to access all the benefits of their current Opera software from a mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

Developed in direct response to customer feedback, Pegasus Business Cloud brings businesses the power of Pegasus Opera accounting software in an affordable and accessible online business application, without the need to invest in hardware and maintenance.

With quick implementation and automatic software updates, Pegasus Business Cloud is easy to maintain and upgrades are made simply with minimal downtime, allowing businesses to respond to market opportunities and focus on growth. Risk is also reduced as information is backed up in the cloud rather than on-premise servers, so in the event of disruption, business continuity and recovery of data is assured.

Adapted to the changing nature of technology, as we move to an ever increasingly mobile way of working, Pegasus Business Cloud is a powerful tool helping businesses to operate in a multi-site environment and share real-time information.

Additionally, with a pay monthly option, Pegasus Business Cloud offers flexibility and adaptability, as users and applications can be added at any time. By having one solution which supports all departments across the business, including finance, sales, customer services, procurement, manufacturing and supply chain, an entire business can be run effectively on a PC or mobile device.

Patrick Leggett, Sales Director at Xperience Group comments: “This is the release we’ve been waiting for. In a highly challenging marketplace, the benefits of Pegasus Business Cloud are hugely compelling and enable businesses to remain competitive and sustain growth. It’s becoming a prime requirement for many customers to operate their accounting solutions in the Cloud and pay a monthly charge for that service. This means that the costs become an operational rather than capital expenditure, helping cash flow across the business. This is exactly what the Pegasus Business Cloud offers to both prospects and existing customers.”

About Pegasus

Pegasus Software is an award winning supplier of accounting, business and payroll software solutions, with over 30 years’ experience. Pegasus has been recognised by a number of awards including FD’s Excellence Award 2014, finalist in the Payroll World Awards 2014 and Business Intelligence Software Satisfaction Award 2013.

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