PAXT revolutionises their exports with Microsoft Business Central  

Published: 26 October 2023

PAXT has over three decades of experience in the export business. They specialise in collaborating with some of the world’s leading professional audio brands cultivating, overseeing, and serving markets across Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Their track record involves amplifying sales for brand allies as well as providing top-tier logistics and training to extensive regional dealer networks. 

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PAXT’s quest for operational excellence 

Recognising the need to strengthen their business infrastructure and streamline processes, PAXT  has realised they need to implement a robust reporting tool. Their existing Sage 200 system is reliant on an individual user’s ability to extract and manipulate data for reporting, and they’re using Excel as a form of data storage. They need a centralised system that allows users to easily extract precise information, such as the quantity of a specific brand sold in a particular country by part number. They are currently using certain Microsoft tools like Outlook and Teams and are looking for a solution that seamlessly integrates with them, as well as other possible services like Power BI and Dynamics. 

Xperience guide PAXT to cutting-edge transformation with Microsoft Business Central

After a meticulous evaluation of PAXT’s existing business systems, Xperience recommended a strategic migration from their legacy Sage 200 system to the cutting-edge Microsoft Business Central, a fully cloud-enabled ERP solution. This transition not only ensures seamless and modernised workflow but also empowers PAXT to integrate reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Jet for enhanced insights. 

Simon Fovargue, Sales Specialist at Xperience, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:

PAXT’s enduring partnership with Xperience brings us great pride. The move to Microsoft Business Central represents a pivotal step in their technological evolution. This transition promises not only a contemporary Cloud ERP application but also the streamlining of manual processes and the utilisation of advanced reporting tools, ensuring sustained growth for years to come.

Katie Nunn, Sales Coordinator at Paxt Ltd, echoed the sentiment, remarking: “Our longstanding association with Xperience has consistently delivered exceptional professionalism and support across all services provided for PAXT.” 

PAXT’s strategic decision to leverage Xperience’s expertise and transition to Microsoft Business Central exemplifies their commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and providing unparalleled services to their brand partners and stakeholders. 

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