Andrew Smith began his career with Xperience Group over 15 years ago as an ITC Systems Manager. As his career progressed, he focused on providing consultancy and installation services for CRM Software and Hardware customers. He has now taken on the role of Support Manager. Here Andrew reflects on his time with the company and shares his plans for the future.

How long have you been working with Xperience Group and how has your role developed during this time?

I have been with Xperience since July 2000 – with DMC Concepts and then in September/October 2000 moved over to DMC Software Solutions Ltd which is now a part of Xperience Group.
Over the 15 years my primary role has always been to manage the ITC systems internally, it then grew into providing consultancy and installation services for CRM Software and Hardware for clients. More recently I have been appointed to take charge of the support team for DMC.

Having been recently appointed a new Support Manager, what are you planning to bring to the role?

In the 15 years I have been at Xperience I used to provide the support in the early days so I have excellent knowledge across a broad range of products. As my background is with Server operating systems / Networks / OS deployments, my skills allow me to troubleshoot not just software but the underlying prerequisites which can often be the cause of a software installation failure or issue. As support Manager, this is something that I want to be able to pass down to the team so they are in a better position to help our clients.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy?

The one thing I enjoy most about my job is the unexpected – I deal with so many different aspects of ITC that can cause issues, needing investigation and resolution – this is what I enjoy.

Are there any challenges that come with your role?

The challenges I foresee with this role is the increase in email traffic and paperworkl!

No honestly, I think one of my biggest challenges with this new role will be the human side, previously I have only had a small team now it has increased significantly and with this will come the day-to-day dealing with staff and the increased responsibility of managing them.

In terms of my personal goals in this new role, I just want to ensure we provide a high quality and swift support service and I will be introducing new measures to ensure this is something that continues to improve.

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