National Computer Security Day- November 30th 2022

Published: 10 November 2022

This month hosts 2022’s National Computer Security Day which we're very passionate about. We take a quick look at the aim of the day, its history and how best to celebrate within your workplace.

In 2022 our work and personal lives can mostly be found on our electronic devices. Be that our smartphone tablets, computers, laptops, the list goes on!

Communication today is the most efficient and accessible it has ever been. However, with these technological developments comes concerns surrounding privacy and security.

Fittingly, with the rapid growth of digital communications there is now a celebratory day dedicated to keeping you and your business safe and secure online- National Computer Security Day on November 30th 2022.

The History of National Computer Security Day

The first National Computer Security Day was in 1988- as the Computer began to rise in popularity.

Simultaneously, with the increase in popularity of computers, came the less welcome increase of hacking, viruses and online scams- evolving as sophisticatedly as the computer itself.

As more applications became available for the noble computer, so too did the opportunities for hackers to identify the weak spots of each new application. Thus, computer security was more at risk with every additional app or program available, sadly welcoming the onslaught of sophisticated cyber-attacks on our computers.

Due to the above, National Computer Security Day was born, to spread awareness and education surrounding Computer Security.

How Can My Business Celebrate National Computer Security Day?

On November 30th 2022 it would be fantastic to redirect your workforces attention to focus on Computer and Device security. We would suggest taking a look at the following:

  • Password Security and Management- Making sure your workforce understand the importance of complex, secure and continually changed passwords could be imperative for end user security of devices. Introduce a password generator to your workforce for utmost security and make sure passwords have a set lifespan ensuring regular changes.
  • Update or Run Through of Spyware and Malware Protection Software – Ensuring all your cyber security is up to date with no patching needed is obviously crucial every day of the year, but we all know life can sometimes get in the way. So why not set the day aside to audit all protection and licenses and check your protection is set to it’s maximum.
  • Cyber Security Demonstration –  Have your security team run a product demonstration or a live view of one of the more complex Cyber Security measures in place so that your workforce can see the resilience and severity of some of the security in place and ask questions to enhance their own understanding.
  • Encryption and Backup – Maybe less exciting than the above but just as important; your business could ensure and check all of your files, documents and devices are correctly encrypted and up to date on back up. Encouraging your staff to do what they can from their end point and running the rest remotely from an admin view.

This will not only open conversation surrounding WHY it is crucial to take these measures, but also guarantee that on National Computer Security Day- your computers security is second to none

So, Observe, Celebrate, Mark or Emphasise National Computer Security Day anyway you see fit for your business, but don’t miss the opportunity to highlight it to your workforce and teams. It is a great excuse to open conversations regarding computer/ online/ data security and other important topics.

If you have any questions regarding anything in this article, please reach out to us.

Happy National Computer Security Day!

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