MKB Russell Looks to The Cloud to Support Expansion Plans

Published: 5 March 2013

Xperience Group have signed a contract worth £60k over three years to supply Quality Solicitors MKB Russells with a complete Cloud solution, as part of the legal practice’s significant expansion plans.

Quality Solicitors MKB Russells is a commercial law firm, providing commercial advice to a wide range of Northern Ireland SMEs. Having been set up in 2003, the firm now has nine solicitors and ten administration staff working within its Belfast office.

The solution sees Quality Solicitors MKB Russells moving all their content to Xperience’s Belfast based data centre, transforming the way the company does business and providing it with total confidence and security in its IT system, according to Patrick Leggett, Xperience who said, “We have been able to offer Quality Solicitors MKB Russells a Belfast based Cloud solution which is not only robust and secure but enables a more controllable cost as part of their expansion plans. The continual development of the Cloud and the services associated with it continue to grow and I am excited to see the potential advances that will take place in the coming months. Quality Solicitors MKB Russells has now positioned itself to take full advantage of this developing technology”.

Gordon McElroy, Partner at Quality Solicitors MKB Russell said, “The move to a completely hosted environment in the Cloud is a key part of our two year expansion plan. As our current file server came to the end of its lifespan we looked into ways of replacing it. Moving to a Cloud solution has given us three clear advantages over our previous server. First of all, the new system is a lot more robust with the promise that if disaster was to strike our downtime would be minimal.”

“Secondly, the new system will offer all our staff the same user experience. We currently have around 20 different PCs around the office with various versions of software meaning that our experience differs greatly depending upon what workstation you are sitting at. A staff member could be proficient at using Outlook 2010 but find they have to get to grips with Outlook 2003, leading to wasted time and frustration on the part of the staff member involved.”

“Finally, the Cloud offers us the ability to future proof our systems. It will be likely that big changes will come in the way we interact with other staff and our clients. As opposed to emailing back and forth, I can see VOIP solutions becoming a far more effective and time efficient way of working in the future. When this change becomes mainstream we will be in a great position to reap the benefits.”

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