Microsoft CRM 2013 Accelerates Business Productivity

Published: 9 December 2013

Microsoft CRM 2013, promising to deliver cutting edge technology, has now been launched. This new release revolutionises CRM software capabilities, with new interface and streamlined workflow, which deliver process excellence for maximum productivity gains.

With many businesses still feeling the impact of the recession a major concern for small and medium sized organisations is workforce productivity and efficiency. Prevailing tough market conditions mean time is precious and businesses are looking to their business systems to provide extra support empowering them to deliver results.

Nick Poncia, CRM Product Manager at Xperience Group comments, With current economic conditions, Microsoft CRM 2013 will prove a valuable aid for many businesses. This release enables businesses to accelerate productivity by streamlining businesses processes whilst giving business owners maximum control to ensure consistency in delivery. New features can enable businesses to save valuable time and increases productivity, ensuring process excellence and a rapid return on investment.’

Microsoft CRM 2013 provides users with visual guidance to navigate processes. These prescriptive onscreen prompts guide users through each CRM process, from start to finish, enabling users to see which steps are complete and which require additional activity. In-built controls can prevent progress to the next stage if one or more steps are not completed, ensuring process consistency across a business, including leads, opportunities, service cases and tasks, ultimately driving efficiency and profitability for a business.

Adding to this enhanced functionality, Microsoft CRM 2013 delivers improved accessibility with new mobile capabilities. Microsoft CRM Tablet and mobile applications enable access to CRM data from Windows 8 tablets and iPads as well as mobile phones furthering productivity ensuring users can perform effectively regardless of location.

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