Learning from 2021, what are the predicted Cyber threats for 2022?

Published: 6 January 2022

The most considerable threat throughout 2021 was undeniably Ransomware; with successful attacks on the US’s oil industry, food supply chain and more; this Malware really proved its potency in 2021.

Victims of Ransomware attacks however did not only include globally recognised corporations with ransoms of tens of millions, there was an unquestionable rise in extortion of victims from all walks of life.

2021 seemed to be the year for Ransomware and its orchestrators to really learn how best to execute the attacks to ensure a ransom is paid. However with every successful attack, multiple failed attempts were defended against. Which should give those with correct and structured cyber security in place a lot of hope in the resilience of their defences.

As last year came to a close, the Cyber Security industry had its tail between its legs somewhat as professionals around the world were scrambling to try and address the Log4Shell vulnerability. In an undeclared race to try and mitigate or patch the flaw.

Whilst the industry tried to remediate Log4j issues and for the most part successfully did. The long term effects of the vulnerability will be continually identified via a trickle effect throughout 2022.

New approach for the new year…

As we all slowly begin to settle into 2022, the Cyber Security industry and its providers need to learn from the surprises of 2021 and prepare defences for 2022.

What does 2022’s Threat Landscape look like?

  • IoT/ AI device’s -As the world now shifts to a ‘work from home’ format, a big risk to large employers is IoT devices of their workforce. Will 2022 be the year ‘work perks’ include a substantial personal Cyber Security package? How else can employers ensure their workforce have the necessary measure in place to defend against volatile threats? You are only as strong as your weakest link, this stands especially for your Cyber Security.
  • Cyber Security IS National Security –  and the relevant bodies need and will acknowledge this throughout the next 12 months. The world faces large scale, global, cyber security threat this year more than ever and the amalgamation of Cyber Security as National Security needs to be acknowledged.
  • Supply Chain Attacks- we started to see these in 2021, Ransomware attacks amplifying their reach via supply chains. These attacks have the potential to be large scale and devastating to those affected. Resilient cyber defence between each domino will prevent a domino effect.
  • Ransomware Operations- Ransomware attacks are no longer orchestrated by only ‘techies’ or ‘hackers’ due to the lucrative nature of the attacks, Ransomware malware has now become an operational procedure for large gangs and groups worldwide, and due to the mass amount of potential attacks, it is imperative you know what to look out for, how to avoid them and ensure you have a resilience defence in place.

Take Away Points

As we enter 2022 continually looking to improve and diversify our defences, what methods will enable us to ensure our Cyber Security practises are second to none (including the hackers) this year…

  • Don’t be Defeated – We understand at times it may seem like your cyber security is a metaphorical tyre puncture you simply cannot seal. It can be daunting and the sheer volume of attacks are overwhelming but as the hackers continue to penetrate defences we must stay strong to defend.
  • Ever Evolving: Hackers will continue to develop and evolve their lines of attack. Using innovative and creative ways to exploit weaknesses, the cyber security industry must also evolve to defend.
  • Unite: The Cyber security industry and the professionals within it have an overarching similarity- We are all defenders. Whilst money makes the world go round, defence stops it from grinding to a halt. Where necessary the industry should collaborate and cooperate to address the global challenges currently facing our cyber space.

Let’s defend 2022 and start the year as we mean to go on.

If you have any queries regarding your cyber security or wish to find out more regarding what Xperience Cyber Security could offer you, give us a call, or send us an email at [email protected], for a no-obligation chat today.

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