Government Guidance To Take Cyber Security Action Following Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Published: 23 March 2022

It has been strongly advised that organisations should follow the NCSC’s guidance regarding the current global cyber threat; specifically wiper malware.

Due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine over the past month, the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) has called all UK businesses and organisations to ‘bolster’ their cyber defences.

The NCSC has released clear guidance on the necessary precautions to take when there is a heightened cyber threat globally.

The NCSC is not currently aware of any specific threats to the UK, however a piece of malware deployed since the beginning of the unprovoked attack on Ukraine could have serious consequences for businesses in the UK.

The malware causing particular worry for the NCSC is called HermeticWiper- a wiper malware that can delete all data from an infected hard drive or computer.

The NCSC have therefore released guidance to all UK businesses strongly encouraging specific, actionable steps to make your business less vulnerable as this worrying time.

You can read the guidance here []


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