Do you want to improve your services? Would you like to exceed customer expectations? Do you want to drive loyalty and repeat business?

Today, a superior customer experience is key to driving customer satisfaction. According to Experian, a 5 per cent increase in customer loyalty can result in a whopping 75 per cent increase in profitability. But, how do you go about improving your customer experience?

With Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365 you can capture important feedback on your products or services.  With easy to set up surveys that are quick to distribute, you can gather insightful responses from your customers. With the ability to track customer satisfaction,  Voice of the Customer makes it easy to evaluate your offering and adapt to improve experience.

What is Voice of the Customer?

Voice of the Customer gives you the ability to create surveys from within Dynamics 365 to obtain feedback about your products and services via phone, tablet or computer. The module allows you to analyse your feedback history to identify gaps in service, run targeted marketing campaigns or send offers to increase sales.

Voice of the Customer Survey Examples

With Voice of the Customer, you can create a wealth of survey types. Surveys can be shared on social media and capture contact information to track satisfaction and gauge interest.

Voice of the Customer can help you monitor the level of service provided and identify areas for improvement to maintain customer satisfaction. You can always view your survey’s progress at a glance and analyse responses to make relevant improvements.

You can even apply scoring to the survey and trigger actions based on the scoring. For example, you can create automated tasks to follow up or you may want to send out another survey based on the responses that have been provided.

You also have the ability to combine the response and feedback with your Power BI reporting to analyse trends and spot potential issues before they occur.  Read how Power BI can extend your reporting capabilities here.

Want to get started?

Voice of the Customer is currently only available for Dynamics 365 Online customers.

Xperience can help in deploying your Voice of the Customer. We can provide:

  • Consultancy and Training
  • Voice of the Customer setup and configuration services
  • Support

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