In recent months, DMC Software has undergone a rebrand to align with its parent company Xperience Group. This transition has brought about a range of exciting changes for DMC and its customer base.

DMC Software, along with the other Group businesses have begun their rebrand journey to align with the parent company Xperience Group- meet the Xperience Group family here. With almost 50 years’ experience within the IT industry, Xperience Group pride themselves in bringing customers the latest innovative technologies, from IT infrastructure, Accounting, ERP and CRM software solutions, to cloud computing.

Here, Group Marketing Manager, Jade Winters, explains the reasons for the rebrand and the benefits it brings to customers:

What was the motive for the rebrand and why was it important?

Group identity was the main motivation for the rebrand activity. DMC Software has been part of the Xperience Group since 2012 but had remained independent of the Group. The decision was made to make all Group companies look and feel the same, providing a consistent Group identity that our customers, employees and prospects could affiliate with.

How long has the rebrand taken?

Approximately seven months ago we had the initial branding concept meeting and the project is still ongoing. We got quite far down the line with one concept before we had a complete U-turn which meant timelines were extended. I think it is important for everything to be right, and it was better to have the upheaval in the concept and planning stages, rather than after the launch. Phase one is now complete but there are a whole host of other things to be considered to ensure we operate and communicate as a Group. Like any large project, we have broken the rebrand into small stages so it is easy to manage and implement.

What’s been the most challenging part of the rebrand?

The most challenging part has been, and will probably continue to be, control. The new branding is complete along with associated processes and collateral, but it’s difficult to ensure everyone has adopted it, as most people don’t like change. There are four businesses within the group each with their own way of doing things and own styles. So managing the change is most definitely going to be the most difficult part – the best way to overcome this is by education, ensuring everyone understands the reason for change and the brand values, but this won’t happen overnight.

What was the most rewarding part of the rebrand?

It has been really rewarding seeing things come together, such as the new Group website and the Group brochure. However, I think the really rewarding part will be when systems and platforms are fully aligned and we will be able to collaborate more effectively across the three locations, Lisburn, Peterborough and Glasgow.

What does the rebrand mean for customers?

In terms of the relationship with DMC Software, nothing. DMC Software still exists as a trading entity and all points of contact remain the same. As part of the Xperience Group, DMC Software’s customers will benefit from access to Group resource, expertise and experience. For instance, The Cloud Simplified is a world-class cloud computing platform which is now accessible to DMC customers.

Find out more about Xperience Group here.

Visit the Xperience Group website here.

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