Could the Weather Affect your Cloud Computing?

Published: 22 March 2013

As part of our series on Cloud Computing, we have been looking into research related to consumer’s understandings of The Cloud. For example, according to the results from Citrix’s Cloud Survey Guide 51% of respondents thought that “stormy weather” would interfere with their Cloud Computing.

In any case, the weather would have no affect over your connectivity to the Cloud! This statistic goes some way to prove that The Cloud is still a confusing topic, despite systems like Cloud email storage being accessed by over 350 million users (Email Marketing Blog).

Why is it important to know what the Cloud is?

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group commented, “The Cloud is going to be a part of most businesses future, with many already looking to switch, or making the move to Cloud based solutions. It has been one of the hottest topics in computing and software for the last few years, and interest in the Cloud isn’t starting to fade. The Cloud isn’t just for IT departments either; it can be applied for a number of tasks, with software, desktops or even entire servers placed in the Cloud, and replicated for access by a business.”

Cloud Computing is the process of converting IT services, such as software and desktops, to virtual environments, accessed via the internet. As part of the Xperience TotalCare Managed IT Services Cloud solutions are offered to support changing business demands for enhanced availability, connectivity, resilience and security.

Xperience Group has its own Data Centres across the UK, these data centres have Cloud capabilities and Xperience Group can now offer a range of Cloud Service. Cloud services include, Software as a Service (SaaS), Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Continue reading about Cloud Services available from Xperience Group here.

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