Investment Sees Xperience Launch Third Cloud Platform

Published: 13 August 2018

Xperience Group is thrilled to announce the deployment of a third cloud computing platform to support the phenomenal growth in cloud services. The Cloud Investment will support an increased demand of Cloud migrations for customers across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Before 2006, many of us only knew the term ‘Cloud’ as ‘those white fluffy things in the sky.’ Not Xperience Group.

Realising the industry was moving fast and always wanting to stay ahead of the game, Xperience Group were early adopters, with a cloud offering on the table from 2004. In 2013 the Group invested in a major upgrade to the sum of £1.1million to build a new, world-class cloud computing platform – The Cloud Simplified.

Today, The Cloud Platform exists in both London and Belfast, and the addition of a third cloud platform will bring the Group’s total investment cost to an impressive £1.5million to date.

Fully managed by Xperience Group, the Cloud platforms deliver mission critical services to hundreds of businesses across the UK and Ireland and supports over 3,000 users.

Richard Kennedy, Director of Cloud Services & Infrastructure at Xperience Group comments, “We’ve continually invested in our cloud platforms which have enabled our customers to utilise the latest highly innovative technologies whilst also benefiting from our exceptional N+1 architecture, which delivers 100% platform uptime. With the introduction of our latest privately-owned platform, we’re well placed to deliver even more highly complex solutions whilst also retaining the ability to fully manage every aspect of the services that we provide, at a fixed cost.”

With trends highlighting that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the Cloud by 2020 (Forbes), the aim of this Cloud investment will be to support the demand for cloud migrations and pave the way for exciting new products & services – watch this space!

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