Considering a cloud based telephone system? Here are our top 5 key benefits!

Published: 16 March 2022

In business, we deal with multiple communications throughout our day from dealing with colleagues, leads, customers, and suppliers. As mentioned in a previous blog BT is moving to an all-digital telephone network, as of 2025. It may feel like a big step to move from an on-premise to a cloud-based telephone solution but actually, there are some great business benefits to be gained.

According to research conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), 88% of businesses in the UK have some form of their IT systems in the cloud.

5 Benefits of moving to a cloud-based telephone system

1. Less hardware and equipment issues
By moving to a cloud-based telephone system you no longer need to worry about outdated and bulky hardware, one of the benefits of a cloud telephone solution is that you can make calls directly from your PC or laptop unless, of course, you would prefer to have a VoIP dedicated handset.

by having less hardware, you can easily scale your business and be more adaptive as you grow. You no longer need to worry about making informed long-term decisions about how many phones you need to invest in, simply add users as they join the team or remove them if you are scaling down.

2. Adapt for flexible working options
By changing to cloud telephony your staff are no longer restricted by having a static landline desk phone, therefore allowing for a more flexible workforce whether this is within the office space or remotely from home. Employees can just log in and have access to all the same tools and functionality they would have if they were in the office, allowing everyone to communicate and collaborate easily.

3. You’ll always be using the latest features
Traditional phone systems have a shelf life, can break, or become outdated which means future hardware investments are always looming. Once you’ve installed a cloud-based system all you need to be concerned about is the latest software update, which is always packed full of the latest features meaning you are always up to date.

4. Boosted efficiency
Your employees will have the tools they need to manage calls easily and get your customers through to speaking to the right people quickly. No more hunting down telephone numbers, dealing with complicated transfer buttons on a manual phone, or searching the office for the person needed on the call.

5. Adapt quickly to business changes
Implementing a cloud telephony system allows the business to be more flexible to change especially from the wider macro environment. If you were a business during the early stages of the pandemic that had a cloud telephony system, it was an easier transition to work from home without the hassle of diverting calls to mobiles or getting staff to take phone hardware home. The same can be said for disaster recovery times and procedures, if your business does experience a disaster of some kind, calls can quickly and easily be redirected to another location, therefore, reducing the need for any downtime.

Gain the benefits of cloud telephony with BT Cloud Voice

Xperience would recommend considering BT Cloud Voice, which is a feature-rich, cloud-based phone system with the flexibility to meet the demands of the modern, agile and communication dependant organisation.

We have mentioned above all of the great benefits you can gain but did you know that commissioning BT Cloud Voice could not be easier!  Transferring from your current system to the new system is seamless, with almost no disruption to service!  The only downtime is during the main number port which takes minutes!

Find out more about BT Cloud Voice by watching our On-Demand webinar.

It will cover:

  • What is BT Cloud Voice?
  • How will it benefit your business?
  • What are the key features of BT Cloud Voice?
  • A live demonstration of the BT Cloud Voice portal

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