Claim your Ticket to the Upcoming Cloud Accounting Event

Published: 9 March 2016

On March 16th, Xperience Group are holding a FREE Cloud Accounting workshop at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire. The event will highlight the importance of innovative technologies in business and demonstrate how finance professionals can reduce costs and encourage growth.

Xperience Group have been at the forefront of cloud based services since their introduction, which is why they are hosting a Cloud Accounting event. The workshop, designed around the needs of finance professionals, will demonstrate how cloud accounting software can help overcome traditional accounting challenges and explore the market leading solutions available today.

Simon Fovargue, Business Development Manager at Xperience Group comments, “Software and hardware are continually evolving and there are many businesses out there with ageing servers. One option is to replace the server, but this poses the same issues when you face the same headache and cost in another five years’ time. The other option is to delegate the IT ‘headache’ to a cloud specialist, helping to save you time, money and minimising risk.”

Research shows that 57% of finance professionals continue to use outdated finance systems. Due to lack of resources, software upgrades are often overlooked, resulting in extensive manual workarounds, which in turn impact on productivity.

To provide attendees with the knowledge required to increase business performance by utilising a cloud accounting solution, the workshop will include the following:

Common Challenges

Xperience Group will identify issues with traditional, often out-dated systems and provide valuable information on how to overcome the challenges businesses face. This will include the financial implications of updating servers and migrating to a cloud solution, along with the importance of data backups.

Cloud Myths

Xperience Group will dispel the myths of cloud-based software and demonstrate the real benefits businesses can achieve from adopting a cloud based finance solution.

Cloud accounting benefits

The event will highlight the many ways businesses can benefit from a cloud accounting solution, including 24/7 access to critical business data anytime, anywhere. Other areas for discussion will include on-demand access to more storage and more processing power, physical and digital security, compliance, upgrades, infrastructure and costs.

Available solutions

Attendees will be provided with a guide on what to look for in a cloud accounting solution and software partner to ensure they get the right solution for their business.

To ensure you don’t miss out, claim your free ticket here >>>

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