3 Ways to Build a Winning Collaborative Workplace

Published: 7 July 2017

The workplace is evolving, and with customer demands growing, people need to work smarter-not harder in order to get things done! So, when your employees are convened to meet an urgent need or deadline, do you have the agility to meet these demands? If not, how do you go about creating a winning collaborative workplace?

#1 Change Tactics:

Sometimes what worked in the past, may not continue to support the way your business works now. Digital is changing how we buy, sell, communicate and interact so it’s essential that your business strategy is aligned with how you do things now, and more importantly how you want to do things going forward. A culture of collaboration can only be fostered if the right tools, processes and technology are in place. In essence, it all comes down to digital transformation.

Consider reviewing how your teams work together now, and look for areas where improvements can be made. Once you’ve gathered your findings, you’ll be able to adapt your businesses strategy and start paving the way for a collaborative, joined-up way of working!

#2 Set Goals & Score Them

Collaboration is made easier when everyone is on the same page. When you set goals, and ensure collaboration across teams, you start scoring them too! Start by ensuring concise, measurable goals are set on a monthly/quarterly basis. Giving your employees focus will keep individual efforts aligned with desired outcomes. When goals are achieved, or projects are completed, publish them- it will give transparency and keep everyone on track.

#3 Provide a ‘Home-base’

More and more people are working remotely and away from the office. In fact, a recent survey among global business leaders found 34% expect more than half of their company working remotely by 2020. Scary stuff? The challenge is ensuring that employees still feel that sense of ‘home’. In the digital world we live in, and that ‘home’ no longer needs to be a physical building or office, but a go-to place where employees can socialise, connect and collaborate with co-workers. So how do you create this digital sense of home?

Building A Collaborative Workplace: Top Tips:

When looking for a solution to become your ‘home-base’ ensure it:

  • Has a central go-to hub for storing filed and documents
  • Allows for digital workflows, for things like expenses and holiday booking.
  • Has open lines of communication i.e. a ‘news-feed’ so that everyone can contribute
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Is mobile-friendly


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