We Can Host Your...

Our Cloud hosting services are ideal if you want to take the strain off your existing IT infrastructure and you don’t want to make further investment in ‘tin’. We can host your:

Software and Applications

We can take your existing applications and host them on a server in the cloud or we can provide you with cloud based software solutions - both options remove the need for you maintain hardware to support your line of business applications.

Cloud or On Premise Software?


If you existing server is failing and you want to avoid the upfront costs to purchase a new one, we can provision a dedicated server in the cloud. You can use it as you would a server in your office, but you only pay for the resources you use.

It's Time to Bin the 'Tin'


Access your desktop from anywhere with a Virtual Desktop. It looks and feels the same as a traditional desktop, but instead of residing on your computer it is hosted in the cloud for your convenience.

Virtual Desktops in The Workplace


Remove the headache of taking manual backups with a hosted solution. They are automated so you don't need to remember to take a back up and they are stored offsite so you no matter what happens in your office they remain safe.

The Importance of Backups

Email (Exchange Server)

The main cause for servers to slow down is due to email workloads. By moving to a hosted Exchange Server you can give your server a new lease of life, removing the costs associated with a new server.

Office 365 - More Than Email


Every website needs to be hosted, so it can be accessed via the internet. Let us host your website and benefit from the power, flexibility, reliability, redundancy and resilience our platform offers. We'll even migrate you for free.

Our Cloud Platform

In Need of an IT Health Check?

We provide a Free IT Audit to UK businesses. We will review your existing setup and make recommendations for performance improvements.

Reasons to Consider Cloud Hosting

Predictable Payments

All of our hosting prices are disclosed in our proposals, so you can predict what you'll pay each month with no nasty surprises.

Pay For What You Use

Like utility bills, you only pay for what you use and you can scale up and down resource to accommodate demands.

Get Superior Security

Benefit from our highly resilient cloud platform with 99.9% up time guaranteed for round the clock protection.

Improve Accessibility

Hosting uses cloud technology so you will benefit from the flexibility the cloud offers, and access from anywhere via a web browser.

Reduce Sever Workloads

Offload workloads and alleviate some of the burden on your server to improve performance and reliability.

New to Cloud?

Unsure about having you business software hosted in the cloud? Download our Cloud Guide to see the Cloud is for you.

Success Story
Europarts/National Windscreens
“Security is better, too. We’ve installed quite a lot of new software which seems to be doing its job, making life a lot easier. And if I ever need support, I know I can call Xperience who will explain everything to me clearly, never technical jargon. Their engineers are friendly and helpful; there is a sense of duty and care which filters through from the top down.”
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