Continia Software is a leading provider of scalable add-on solutions for Business Central, ensuring full transparency and allowing you to focus on the important stuff.  Optimise your workday with Continia’s solutions. Save time and money without lifting a finger. Get an overview of all the solutions that can help you automate your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Expense Management.

As a Contina partner, we offer Contina’s full product range including Document Capture, Expense Management, Payment Management and Document Output.

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Payment management

Gain better insight into your company cash flow

Optimize your cash flow management

Connect your Business Central with your bank through Continia Payment Management. Quickly access information about your company’s cash flow directly from Business Central without logging into your online bank.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick access
  • Directly from your Business Central

Benefits for the CFO

As your Business Central is connected directly to your bank, it’s easier to get an overview of cash flow and corporate spending while accessing organized data for reports and fiscal closes.

Additionally, you can easily access the digital archive containing previous payments, allowing you to make informed and strategic decisions to predict next year’s cash flow.


Document Capture

  • Exchange your e-documents securely

Protect your company data. Increase your document security and validity by exchanging all your important documents as e-documents.

  • Send & receive your e-invoices in seconds

With Continia solutions and the Continia Delivery Network, you can send and receive your e-invoices quickly and efficiently directly from inside your Business Central.

  • Receiving your e-invoices

Register any incoming e-document in Business Central and automatically process its data with Continia Document Capture. With e-documents, you’re confident that all details, such as reference numbers and payment terms, are processed correctly.

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Expense Management

  • Digitalise your employee expense management

Digitalise and streamline your expense processes to get more accurate data on employee spending and improve productivity in your finance team.

  • Real-time overview of employee expenses

As a CFO, you know how difficult it can be to get a grip on data from employee expenses. Digitalize your expense processing and get easy access to a real-time overview of all employee expenses.

  • Save time – submit your expenses from anywhere

With Expense Management, you can submit your travel expenses, per diem, and mileage through your smartphone from anywhere – whether you’re at a conference or the home office.

  • Improve productivity in your finance team

By digitalising your company’s employee expense processes, you reduce the number of manual tasks that your finance team spends on gathering and dealing with employee expenses.

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Document Output

Document distribution made easy

Continia Document Output consists of several easy-to-use functionalities that give you the opportunity to make your document distribution faster and more efficient.

Features to simplify your document distribution

  • Predefined templates
  • Contact cards and mass-mailing
  • Attach files and track your activities
  • Protect your PDF files

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