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We are innovators committed to addressing tomorrow's challenges today


We deliver quality solutions through exceptional implementation and support


We are passionate about and dedicated to our customers


We communicate with respect, integrity, courage and candour

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We will help you to solve your business problems with the latest technology and business management solutions.

When you make a significant investment in a business solution, it is only natural you want to see a return. When you select a partner you are selecting a team of people you feel will help you succeed, so it is important to consider more than just price.

Our Success Stories The Dangers of Buying on Price
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Our History

We’ve been around since 1969, in our life time we have seen the industry change beyond recognition, but so have we. To stand the test of time we have had to adapt and diversify, which has led us to where we are today. We are constantly evolving and pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and embrace new technologies, ensuring we can better serve our customers.

We are a technology led business, with a history of innovation (Yes really. The picture on the left might not look cutting edge now, but it was back then.) and a team of dedicated people who care about what we do.

Our service delivery model is constantly evolving to meet the challenges posed by our customers technical needs, and a strong desire to be recognised as the leader in our field by constantly improving service delivery standards.

Our culture is one of ongoing improvement and we invest significantly in this area: we are passionate about how we deliver and are proud of our strong service management based approach.


What We Do? Our Accreditations

Meet the Family… Like all families, over the years we’ve grown. We now have four group businesses operating across the UK, with offices in Lisburn, Glasgow and Peterborough.

Despite our different trading names, accents and specialisms we all have something in common, our passion for IT.

Xperience IT Solutions

This is where it all began… Established in 1969, Xperience is a UK based IT solutions provider specialising in IT Infrastructure and support, and Business Management applications -from Accounting and ERP solutions through to servers, networks and unified communications. Xperience’s appetite for growth lead to business acquisitions and new ventures, ultimately resulting in how the group looks today.

Xperience IT Solutions
DMC Software - Xperience IT Support

DMC Software Solutions

Established in 2001, DMC is an award winning Business Management Applications provider specialising in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Through acquisition, DMC joined ‘the family’ in 2012 adding to the range of applications offered, helping us to ensure we provide ‘best fit’ solutions to our customers.

The Cloud Simplified

Founded in 1998, over the years The Cloud Simplified has evolved together with the technology it offers; from network consulting to cloud computing in 2004.

Today, The Cloud Simplified is a world-class, industry leading cloud computing platform which enables us to deliver high performance, high availability public and private cloud computing solutions.

the cloud simplified - Xperience IT Support

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Success Story
“So in simple terms, it’s a win-win for us. Having all of these facilities under one umbrella has been indispensable. Xperience is also very pro-active in terms of how they manage their customers, and they have dedicated experts in different areas - an Office 365 expert, a networking expert, a server expert and so on. With Xperience, you really are getting into a business relationship rather than simply making a purchase. Certainly our experience of Xperience has been outstanding. I don’t have any complaints!”
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