Tailored IT for Legal Firms

We’ve worked with legal firms big and small and understand the confidential nature of the industry and regulatory requirements. We have a range of solutions to help you maximise billable time, safeguard your firms reputation and access case files on the more.

Why Us? Success Stories

We Can Help You To...

Reduce Costs

Remove the financial overhead of maintaining an IT department, let us take care of everything.

Maximise Billable Time

Get more done in less time with a wealth of tools available to help increase productivity.

Collaborate on Cases

Reduce the time spent on a case, with a solution designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

Safeguard Your Firms Reputation

Ensure data protection and compliance with best-in-class security solutions.

Transform Your Legal Firm

Read how a digital strategy, combined with the right technology can fuel your firms digital transformation.

The Xperience Difference

Guaranteed Security

Our security standards meet the security, privacy and transparency expectations of your clients.

Open When You Are

Our support team is open when you are, ensuring your issues are resolved swiftly.

We are Experienced

We have experience and good references from like minded practices, like yours.

Murphy O’Rawe
"Indeed, if a disaster did happen, we are confident that we could be up and running within half a day. Staff would immediately be able to pick up where they left off, with minimal disruption to ongoing business and zero compromise to data security."
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“But, truthfully, it’s really about all the other derived qualitative benefits when using the system: never having to worry about the system slowing down, the ability to easily and securely access everything, from anywhere and on any platform or device plus the benefits of always having the latest software and hardware in place. So my advice to anyone considering whether or not to move to a hosted environment would be to take all of these factors into account.”
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