Gemma McAnally

Business Solutions Director

Expert in: ERP Applications
Experience: 15 years

I joined Xperience 13 years ago as a fresh faced grad and haven’t taken my foot off the gas or stopped learning since. As I have grown with the business I have also seen our clients grow and mature, it gives me a buzz to work along-side such a diverse client set, getting under the bonnet of their business and their processes. For me it’s about helping our clients to visualise the end goal, reviewing what they need and making recommendations on how to get there along with what tools can help them. I challenge both Xperience and our clients to think outside of their usual comfort zone, to use best in class ERP and CRM solutions that will help them drive their business forward, whilst giving them the courage to make changes and stay ahead of the competition.

Everyone in Xperience knows how much I love a good plan and am known to be the resident organiser for parties and events (I think I missed my calling) , and I’m no different at home, organisation is my forte and when I’m not organising I can be found switching my staple wedges for CrossFit ‘sneaks’.

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