IT Solutions for Not for profits

Do more with less. Our IT solutions will help you connect your teams, improve efficiency and management of funds, while ensuring privacy and compliance.

Technology and software concerns are frequently sited as one of the top challenges facing the charity and not-for-profit sector. These are concerns that create a ripple effect throughout the organisation by reducing the reliability of reporting, harming the overall transparency of the organisation and creating additional challenges in funding, communication and culture. Collaboration across locations, functions and teams which is essential in the modern workplace is often severely impacted by disjointed platforms and systems.

All charity and not-for-profit organisations need to be able to clearly demonstrate to all stakeholders that business processes are both efficient and effective. Back office and support functions need to maximise the impact that delivery functions have on meeting strategic objectives

Make a Difference with Xperience

Xperience provides robust, secure and cost-effective IT platforms which form the foundation for your organisation. Only with this can you build out systems for effective communication and collaboration. As well as the platform, we provide the expertise and know-how to compliment your internal IT resources and remove this distraction allowing you to focus on increasing charity donations. We also deliver modern integrated systems, specifically tailored to the charity and not-for-profit that allow for streamlined processes and consistent data led reporting. These systems are designed to transform and support functions such as finance and fundraising.

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Our IT Solutions for Not for profits

Cloud Solutions

We design, develop and deliver transformational cloud solutions including public, private and hybrid cloud which provides increased security, resilience, scalability and agility for charities. Our cloud solutions help you control your budgets with predictive costs, secures your data, helps you stay compliant and is 100% reliable.


Managed IT Services

Information technology is at the heart of every organisation especially charities, so you deserve access to high performance, resilient, secure and reliable solutions that secure your data, manage your costs, stay compliant. Xperience can help you access the latest technologies, supported by our team of experts across applications, cloud, infrastructure, finance and business development.

ERP Solutions

We deliver solutions that allow you to work smarter and quicker. We focus on implementing automated and paperless processes that keeps the controls that are required within finance, payroll and HR departments. The traditional functionality found in most ERP systems is supplemented by workflow and approval processes along with specifically required options required by charities such as partial VAT. Reporting tools such as PowerBI and Jet Reports allow for SORP compliant reports such as SoFA to be available for all stakeholders in real-time.

CRM solutions

Our CRM solutions are designed to help you break down silos by capturing all interactions and communications with your donors, sponsors, members and beneficiaries in one place for a coherent view of each supporter. This allows your organisation to target its most active donors more effectively, drive growth and ensure good relationships between your organisation and your members. Event management tools will help you manage events in one place, including attendee registrations, joining instructions, venues and payment information for a quick and efficient process.

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