Xperience Group Supports MLN Business Network For The Second Year Running

Published: 3 December 2018

Xperience Group is proud to announce its patronage with The Management & Leadership  Network (MLN), Northern Ireland, for the second year running. As a technology champion, the Group will offer local businesses across Northern Ireland access to IT thought leadership and advice on the most pressing issues, including cyber security.

MLN is a platform that connects leaders and managers across Northern Ireland, helping to support companies and build stronger economy. Each year, the Network hosts a number of events with a big finale, called The Management & Leadership SuMMit, held in in March 2019.

This year MLN has also launched a series of podcasts designed to give the broader business community access to the expertise of thought-leaders across the UK. Including Lara Morgan, a best-selling business author and one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, as well as René Carayol MBE, a globally-renowned leadership coach, the advice can be applied by listeners with an aim to drive business growth. Listen to the podcast here >

As a Technology Champion, Xperience Group is looking to equip business leaders with knowledge and advice on pressing issues such as GDPR,Making Tax Digitaland cyber security, which seems to be a growing concern for NI businesses. As technology has become fundamental to any business, presenting game-changing opportunities for growth, the Group will also host a number of events, providing expertise on digital transformation and its benefits for business agility.

Patrick Leggett, Xperience Group Director comments, “Our experience with the Management and Leadership Network has been superb, with great insights gained for both our staff and clients. We understand that technology is an integral part to running any business, and we are looking forward to bringing our knowledge and expertise to the table with a number of events for the MLN community.”

About MLN

Management Leadership Network (MLN) is a platform which provides managers and leaders in Northern Ireland with access to the thinking, insights and experiences of high-achievers and thought-leaders. MLN do this to support and develop individual managers, companies and in turn the economy.

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