Microsoft Dynamics: Why Less is More?

Published: 7 April 2017

Have you ever purchased software for your business which exceeds your current requirements? Do you only use a small fraction of the functionality available to you? You are not alone – 64 per cent of software features are never used. Here we explore why starting small is a better option…

Traditionally, businesses are used to buying software with functionality to meet their current and future requirements, reducing the need to make further investments a few years down the line.

As an experienced CRM provider, we are an advocate of a phased roll-out, getting users to adopt basic functionality first, then adding new modules over time. However once live, organisations often fail to move to the next phase, utilising only a fraction of features.

With the introduction of cloud and subscription licencing models it is now possible to  start small, paying only for what you use, and gradually introduce additional functionality as the need arises.

The Dynamics 365 Difference

Microsoft recognise the failings of traditional software and have engineered their new offering, Dynamics 365, to encompass all business functions, from sales and marketing to customer service, and finance, allowing you to mix and match the elements you need.

Breaking free from the boundaries of traditional CRM and ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to start simply, for instance with email and finance, and add functionality and users as you grow.

Why Dynamics 365 is a game-changer?

Increased user adoption

Overloading your team with a raft of shiny tools can slow user adoption. With Dynamics 365 you can choose the tools that specifically match your employees’ roles. This will greatly increase the chance that your team does the basics correctly and consistently.


By breaking down the traditional barriers between CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of how you can extend your when your business grows. This means you can start small, for example with just accounting, and build the solution over time by adding various other modules to the system, such as Sales or Field Service.

Increased productivity

According to Microsoft, 40 per cent of a worker’s productive time is lost when switching tasks. Dynamics 365 will overcome this, offering you access to all your business applications that fit your role and industry, in one cloud service. This will reduce the number of systems and screens you have to navigate between, providing a unified view of business, removing data silos and improving efficiency.

Ease of use

Dynamics 365 allows access to Microsoft AppSource, where you can discover, trial and acquire apps to extend and enhance functionality, with the confidence they can easily be deployed and used across your business management platform. The apps include text messaging platforms, warehouse voice enablement and more.

Competitive advantage

According to Capgemini, 87 per cent of businesses believe that digital transformation provides the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Consequently, Dynamics 365 can become part of your digital transformation strategy allowing you to quickly modify your software package to stay agile and respond the customer needs, putting an end to often costly customisations.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution but Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes pretty close, allowing you to build a business management solution to meet your needs, both now and in the future. Find out more about Dynamics 365 here.

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