What is “Going Serverless” and what are the benefits?

Published: 28 March 2024

You may have heard of the term “Going Serverless.” Put simply it’s a Cloud computing model where developers can build and run applications without the need to manage or provision (set up) servers. This is a different approach to a traditional set-up, where developers would have to worry about server infrastructure (Physical and Virtual resources needed), capacity planning (Balancing available resources to satisfy customer demand or project capacity needs) and scaling (adjusting and expanding your current server configuration to boost your server’s performance) Serverless computing allows users to solely focus on delivering value to their user. This modern model offers great flexibility due to it being a pay-per-use model.  will look

Benefits of going serverless for your business:

  • Cost efficiency

Due to Serverless Computing only charging customers for what they use, users can control costs more efficiently. This results in no unused elements that the customer has to take a loss on. Because you’re using another party’s server, there’s no need to manage infrastructure, even in the virtual realm, with serverless computing. Server management is also handled by the provider, which enables cost and resource savings. 

  • Scalability

Serverless computing automatically adjusts to handle varying workloads, with the vendor managing all scaling needs as required. This means that if there’s a sudden hike in traffic, the server is adjusted so that it can handle all requests. The main benefit of this is less server downtime, meaning your workforce can do their jobs efficiently. An in-house server, is likely to struggle to cope with an unexpected hike in traffic, leading to a more stressful experience for an organisation and a weaker customer experience. 

  • Simplified deployment

Customers don’t need to worry about uploading code to the server and making configurations to complete the deployment process. The Vendor handles all the configuration management processes. This leads to quicker turnaround times, enabling customers to reach the market sooner. Resources are available instantly, and customers can be assured that the underlying infrastructure is managed for them. 

  • Improved management of servers

With the Vendor looking after the server there is a better and more efficient management process. Instead of having to run your business and carry out all server maintenance, like in a traditional in-house set-up, the Vendor looks after all of this. This means any downtime can be quickly addressed, and there is support available in real-time across the server. This also provides a better experience for your customer as you can allocate more resources to providing your service. 


As you’ve seen, there are many benefits to serverless computing.  The standouts are the cost savings and the scalability, but there are others, such as increased productivity; which will benefit your business greatly.  As with any major technological change in your business, serverless computing is not without its drawbacks. Migration can be a time-consuming process and the testing of the new set-up will eat into company time too. But we think the benefits outweigh the negatives and these costs should be seen an investment for the future growth of your business.

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