Xperience ‘Wrap-Up’ Hub Packaging’s IT

Published: 21 February 2017

Xperience Group are delighted to welcome new client Hub Packaging on-board. In line with plans for future growth, Hub Packaging will embark on a strategic IT journey with us in order to help steer plans for future growth.

One Solution, One HubTM

Hub Packaging is one of Irelands leading suppliers of industrial packaging and consumable products. With over 40 years in business, the company is dedicated to providing the latest packaging products and industry innovations with unparalleled service.

To ensure sustainable growth Hub Packaging sought an IT solution to improve accessibility and collaboration. To meet these requirements, Hub Packaging looked to Xperience Group to support their IT infrastructure and deploy Office 365 across the business.

Paul McWilliams, Customer Experience Manager at Hub Packaging, comments, “We’ve seen significant growth over the last four years. As IT is key to facilitating such growth, we wanted a provider who could meet our aspirations for continued development, allowing us to be even more responsive to our customers – Xperience definitely tick that box.

Accessibility Driving Change

To continue to deliver exceptional service levels, Hub Packaging recognise the need to utilise the latest technology to remain agile. With customer needs at the forefront of everything they do, innovation will contribute to ensuring these needs are met. The new solution will allow them to boost productivity company-wide resulting in a seamless customer experience.

Julian Coldrick, Commercial Director at Hub Packaging, remarks, “Continual business growth has highlighted the need for greater accessibility, especially among remote workers. In line with one of our core values – “Agility” – Office 365 will create a more mobile workforce, meaning staff aren’t tied down to one PC!

A Future-Proof Solution

Statistics demonstrate Office 365 can help businesses to boost their productivity by up to 30%. It’s also evergreen, which means users can avail from automatic updates as and when they become available, making it the ideal solution for SME’s. Going forward, Office 365 will help Hub Packaging to save time and resource, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.

Jonny Weir, Technical Business Advisor at Xperience Group, comments, “We are delighted to be embarking on a strategic IT journey with Hub Packaging. We are confident that Office 365 will be a catalyst for change, and help propel their plans for continued growth.

Julian concludes, “Our journey with Xperience so far has been nothing shy of professional. At no point did we feel pressured to purchase; the advisors at Xperience laid out everything we needed to make an informed decision. We have great confidence our new solution will drive us forward towards where we want to be as a business.

For more information on Office 365 here

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