Veeam #1 Backup & Recovery Platform publishes report on privacy and data protection trends

Published: 13 April 2021

Early last year as businesses shifted to remote working, 91% of organizations increased their cloud services usage significantly. According to Veeam’s recent Data Protection Report 2021, this trend will continue through 2021, with many businesses planning to add more cloud services. In fact, it is reported that 96% of organisations are looking to accelerate cloud usage to ease on-premise management, and further 54% are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives deploying modern data protection solutions.

As a result of an increased focus on cloud-based services, data protection has become an issue with backup concerns topping the global data protection challenges for 2021 at 40% (up from 31% in 2019). The report highlighted that backup failure rates have been high due to legacy systems used and identified that 76% businesses have a “Protection Gap” between how frequently data is backed up versus how much data they can afford to lose.

Moreover, further data shows that on average, 37% of the time, backup jobs ended up with errors or could not complete, and consequently were restorable. Additionally, 34% of all restorations failed to restore within the expected SLA.

This has led to the majority looking to improve backup reliability (31%) and to reduce costs (30%), in order to avoid a number of damaging consequences of data loss, including ruined reputation, business disruption, downtime and revenue losses. As a result, integrated data protection and security (35%), cloud workload portability (36%), and the ability to do disaster recovery via a cloud service (DRaaS) (38%) are the sought-after data protection solutions, according to the report.

Those modern solutions guarantee operational excellence, ensuring data is always protected. Furthermore, studies show that businesses that implemented those solutions are experiencing 50% lower five-year cost of data backup and recovery, with operational improvements through shorter recovery times.

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