UK Construction News Round-Up | July 2018

Published: 25 March 2018

Construction Growth, an increase in buying materials and Brexit positivity. They say good things come in threes, don’t they? This month we bring a stack of positive news from across the UK Construction Industry. Keep reading to get the latest news, highlights and figures…

NI Construction SMEs Report Strong

The latest Federation of Master Builders (FMB) report has shown that performance of construction SME’s in Northern Ireland has risen by 21% in the past three months. Despite positivity around this growth, the survey also highlighted that many builders are still nervous about rising material costs and the political deadlock situation in Starmount. FMB Northern Ireland director, Gavin McGuire said “This is the first time over the past two years that Northern Ireland builders have seen two consecutive quarters of rising optimism. These latest results are particularly impressive!”

More here via The Irish News

No Sign of BREXIT Nerves for Construction             

The release of the latest FMB survey has highlighted that the construction industry is remaining positive ahead of Brexit. While the industry waits to hear what post-Brexit immigration policies will look like, many are hoping that the Government will listen to the skill needs of the sector. Construction News has also shared findings of a recent poll, highlighting that construction firms are the most upbeat about the impact of Brexit.

More on Brexit and construction here

June Construction Figures Heading Upwards

The Guardian has published that Britain’s construction industry staged a stronger than expected recovery in June, overcoming the worst of a slowdown this year. In addition, the latest survey from The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, showed the largest upturn in buying construction materials for two-and-a-half years in June.

More here via the Guardian

Modular Homes: Future of UK Housing?

Major construction firms across the UK are getting on board with modular homes. With a 50% reduction in build time, lower labour costs and less materials what’s not to love? With the ability to carry out 80% of the work offsite, adoption of these homes could be key to solving the UK housing crisis.

More here via Raconteur

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