The Importance of Cyber Security Training for Employees  

Published: 18 May 2023

Data breaches and malicious attacks are becoming more frequent in the Cyber world. The increase in attacks is due to a number of factors, from the shift to hybrid working and the digitalisation of processes within organisations. In the States alone, Cyber Attacks on US organisations grew 57%  from 2022 and the figure was even higher in the UK (77%). One method an organisation can use to help strengthen their defence is to hold Cyber Security Training sessions for employees.

Benefits of holding Cyber Security Training for employees:

  • Increased Security Awareness

Cyber security training helps employees understand how important data privacy is. As well as this, Cyber Security training teaches employees how to identify and respond to potential threats. 

  • Prevent monetary damages to your organisation

Budgeting adequate resources for employee’s best security awareness training means your staff are more likely to catch potential threats and report incidents. Operational disruptions within the organisation can be prevented, as IT teams can deal with threats before they escalate. On average, businesses lose between £65,000 and £83,000 for every hour of IT system downtime. 

  • Meets compliancy requirements

Nowadays compliancy requirements for companies are centred around employee training.  If all members of an organisation aren’t trained to a standardised level, not just the IT team then your business is not compliant. Being compliant guarantees that all employees are completely prepared for the regulations and obligations they hold. 

  •  Ease anxiety about Cyber Attacks

A Cyber Crime incident can really shake up an organisation, and the staff involved will be on edge after the event. Past attacks create a lack of trust in an organisation and a negative atmosphere. Lack of training can increase this anxiety as employees don’t know what went wrong or who played a role in the event. With sufficient training, employees are better positioned to interact with confidential data and communicate online.  

  • Reduced liability

Having proper training on Cyber Security procedures can limit the legal and financial liability resulting from a data breach. Consequently, this benefits both the financial side of your business and strengthens your reputation in the market. 

  • Gaining and retaining customer trust

With effective Cyber Security training, your business is better set up to protect customer data.  This therefore builds and maintains your relationship with your customers. Increased customer trust builds your brand reputation and helps you gain a competitive edge in the market and retain customers. 


The importance of Cyber Security training cannot be denied. These activities can act as your last line of defence against Cyber threats. Therefore, with Cyber attacks increasing year on year, it’s important to have procedures in place to protect your business. Having all staff on the same level of training provides security for your business and will help you avoid becoming part of the percentage above. These benefits should provide a solid argument for you to consider training your colleagues. In addition, the monetary benefits should provide you with further reason to start training your staff.  

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