Shane Mimna’s journey from graduate to Business Central Consultant

Published: 26 April 2022

We chatted to our D365 Business Central and Nav consultant Shane Mimna, who joined us through Xperience Academy in 2019. Shane graduated with a BSc in Business Studies from Ulster University.

Throughout the academy, Shane had ample opportunity to  develop  his skills as a consultant. Shane was able to shadow other consultants in his department as they carried out their daily activities and site visits, learning invaluable on the job experience and knowledge. “The role involved quite a bit of shadowing of experienced consultants, going out on-site to see how Consultants dealt with different phases of projects, such as scoping at the beginning, through End User training, end-user testing and go lives.” Xperience also gave Shane and other graduates the chance to work on projects specifically designed for them, which would be presented to Managers and Directors within Xperience, who gave their feedback to graduates to help them develop and upskill.

What stood out for you as a graduate joining Xperience?

What stood out for Shane, was the level of professional support given to him. “The support offered at Xperience was fantastic. Each graduate had a mentor who we met with to have one-to-one check ins, to keep them up to date on our progress and how we were getting on .” The meeting were very informal to allow graduates to feedback on their experience and have the opportunity to have any questions asked . “Outside of these regular meetings, all our colleagues were happy to help wherever or whenever they could on any areas we had questions, from general Consultants questions to how things are done within the business”,


Shane’s current role in the company

Shane has continually progressed in his team. He has his own projects to take care of and also helps with the support side and developing existing and new projects sites. When asked what’s the best thing about working for Xperience, Shane said “it has to be the people; from day one, everyone has been so welcoming and genuine”. Shane describes Xperience’s culture as trusting and caring, with everyone open to listening to new ideas.

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