Shane Mimna’s journey from graduate to Business Solutions Support Analyst

Published: 26 April 2022

Shane Mimna 

Job Title: Business Solutions Support Analyst  

Location: Lisburn Office 

Degree/University: BSc in Business Studies at Ulster University 

Start date: 1st October 2019  

Shane Mimna

We chatted to our Business Solutions Support Analyst Shane Mimna, who joined us through Xperience Academy in 2019. Shane graduated with a BSc in Business Studies from Ulster University.

The Start of Shane’s Career Journey with Xperience. What did your Graduate role involve?  

 The role involved quite a bit of shadowing of experienced consultants, going out on site to see how Consultants dealt with different phases of projects, such as scoping at the beginning, through End User training, end user testing and Go Lives.  

I also spent time on the graduate program working with my fellow graduates towards our final project which was to be presented to our managers, supporters and directors. Another area the role involved was once I had learned about some of the supporting products around Business Central, I started giving some demonstrations on Sales Calls with our more experienced Consultants taking lead, and I would jump in when I was required to showcase the supporting software. 

What support and mentoring was offered to you as a recent Graduate?  

The support offered at Xperience was fantastic. Each graduate had a supporter/mentor who we met with to have 1 on 1 talks and keep them up to date on how we were doing and what we were doing. This was a fairly informal chat and gave us a point of contact outside of our team with whom we could talk about any issues we might have had. Not that there ever was any. We also had meetings with our managers to see how we were progressing in the role. Outside of these regular meetings, all our colleagues were all happy to help wherever or whenever they could on any areas we had questions, from general consultants questions to how things are done within the business. 

What does your role involve now? 

I currently have one project on the edge of Go Live, which has been modified quite a bit for the customer. I also help out on the support side of Business Central, and carry out work on RDLC reports, create call scripts for mobile devices, create Jet reports and implement Continia Expense Management and Document Capture on existing and new project sites.  

Benefits of working at Xperience 

The best thing about working at Xperience has to be the people. From day one, everyone has been so welcoming and genuine. All my team members have been happy to help when guiding me through the role of a Consultant. The culture is very trusting and caring like a family and help is never far away if needed. We are expected to share our ideas where we can as everyone is open minded.  

Why would you recommend Xperience as a great place to work?  

I would definitely recommend Xperience as a great place to work and have done so to some of my friends that are thinking of getting into the industry whenever a position opens up.  


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