Saqlain Shirazi, Managed Services Trainee Technician 

Published: 27 October 2022

Saqlain Shirazi

Job Title: Managed Services Trainee Technician

Location: Peterborough Office

Start date: 6th June 2022

Saqlain Xperience Academy

How Did Your Career Journey Begin At Xperience?

I joined Xperience in June 2022 as a Managed Services Trainee Technician in our Peterborough based office after previously working as a field Engineer. My time so far with Xperience has been very exciting as well as incredibly interesting as I continue to learn new skills week after week with the help of my colleagues as well as through the training provided. 

I have always had an interest in IT since a young age and it was just over a year ago when I began studying for some IT certifications as I was keen to begin a career in the industry, something which I am very happy I decided to do as I have found the perfect role for a company which I can see myself staying at for many years to come. 

What does a typical day as a Managed Services Trainee Technician look like?

A typical day at Xperience consists of working on a variety of different issues for our clients and finding solutions to the problems that impact their business in the best and most efficient way possible. Whether that be by solving issues first hand myself or triaging them for more information, to then send over to the suitable engineers or by escalating tickets where necessary, to ensure clients are receiving the best support possible. 

What skills does a trainee need?

I believe the most important skill that someone would need to be successful in my role would be Customer service skills. Many people may think you would need to know each and everything about IT in order to be successful but IT skills can be taught- however customer service skills and having the ability to talk to people is something I think has been my biggest asset in helping me to succeed in my role so far.  

What Do You Like Most About Working At Xperience?

I have been offered excellent support since joining Xperience as there has always been a colleague at hand to assist me in working on tickets whenever I have needed. I have also had regular meetings with HR since joining to check up on progress as well as how I am doing in general which has been really good and helped to ease me into the company. In addition to this I have been assigned courses to undertake which have helped me gain a better understanding of some of the services we offer to our well as increasing my knowledge in valuable troubleshooting skills. 

The best thing about working for Xperience has been the collaboration with colleagues over in Northern Ireland who have all been so helpful and incredibly welcoming. The working environment and atmosphere is brilliant as everyone gets along and are always more than happy to help each other out. 

I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for a career in IT or anyone currently working in IT to have a look at our vacancies and apply as I can assure you Xperience offers everything you would want in a company and more such as the benefit of having the flexibility to split your time between working from our offices to working from home. 

What are your expectations for the future at Xperience? 

I would say my expectations for my future at Xperience would be to continue growing in my role whilst learning new skills to help me progress. I would like to complete the courses assigned to me into gain some of the industry certifications which will then help me to progress from a Trainee into a Level One Technician and to  continue building on my knowledge and eventually moving into the Level Two Helpdesk role.


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