NOC – What is it and what are the benefits? 

Published: 3 April 2023

A network operations centre (NOC) is a central location where computer, telecommunications, or satellite network systems are monitored and managed. This service covers an organisation 24/7. NOC’s have been a part of our lives since the 1970’s starting out in the Telecommunication provider market. Since then, they have evolved into the substantial service they are today, often working on a remote basis. A NOC acts as the first line of defence against Network disruptions and failures. Currently, many companies operate around the clock. NOC can provide its service from anywhere in the world at any time.  This ensures the smooth operation of many companies day to day activities as any disruptions to an organisations network can lead to significant business loss. In fact 50% of CIO’s reported experiencing financial loss due to network downtime, highlighting the importance of network maintenance. 

What are the benefits of using a NOC? 

  • Network uptime 
    A NOC consistently backs up data which means that if the network goes down there will be minimal data loss. This improves business productivity and helps to prevent the costs associated with network downtime. 
  • IT resources freed up for other tasks 
    Due to the NOC handling all the network monitoring, the IT team of your business is free to get on with other tasks. This can save a lot of time and resource as network monitoring is a constant process. This increased focused on other areas of the business means you can work to the full potential of your business.  
  • Expertise 
    A NOC contains highly skilled engineers who specialise in their field, so your network is in the best possible hands. When problems arise, they are able to solve them in a timely manner compared to an in-house team. This takes the workload off your business, allowing you to be more productive with your time. 
  • Latest quality infrastructure 
    NOC providers offer all the latest hardware, software and tools which provides clients with a service that is best suited to their needs. This is a better option than having an internal team as their systems may be outdated and require more attention than a NOC. Costing your organisation more time and money. 
  • Customisation 
    A NOC offers a custom solution fit for a business’s unique needs such as hours that need monitoring and which security software is best suited for the client. This unique solution increases efficiency by managing all network tasks correctly and appropriately. 


To summarise, a Network Operations Centre has many benefits for organisations providing peace of mind when it comes to the maintenance and protection of their network. This means that organisations can fully focus on other areas of their business, allowing them to achieve more. Xperience offer a NOC service as part of our Cloud and IT offering, if this blog has interested you in the potential of using a NOC for your business then get in touch. 

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