New Quick Start Programmes Reduce Implementation Costs

Published: 12 February 2016

Xperience Group have developed a new methodology for deploying Dynamics CRM and Sage 200. By using pre-configured applications, the number of implementation days is significantly reduced, driving down project costs.

A common barrier for businesses looking to invest in new business software is the implementation time and costs. Xperience Group have overcome this common challenge with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sage 200 Quick Start programmes. By offering templated software and simplifying the implementation processes, Xperience Group deliver the essential consultancy, functionality and training at a price that is affordable, ensuring a fast return on investment.

During a Quick Start implementation, Xperience Group deliver the applications and services in as little as five days, saving vital time and money. As it’s delivered to a pre-defined budget and timescale, disruption to day-to-day operations is minimised enabling users to get on with business as usual. Once the implementation is complete users have a solid foundation to build upon, allowing for future development as business needs change.

David Curtis, Sales Manager at Xperience Group explains, “A traditional software implementation process can be a barrier for many small to mid-sized businesses who cannot afford the large upfront costs required and the associated disruption to their business. Whilst Quick Start is not for everyone, it does offer a cost effective means of getting up and running quickly. Quick Start is affordable while offering a tailored solution to expand upon.”

These new programmes provide an exciting opportunity for small businesses, enabling them to benefit from the latest software with reduced risk, due to a lower investment in terms of time and money.

With Quick start, Sage 200 can be implemented in as little as five and a half days. Find out about Sage 200 Quick Start programme here >>>

Benefit from Dynamics CRM functionality in the matter of days. Find more information on Dynamics CRM Quick Start here >>>

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