Mohammed Hasnain, Graduate Finance & Credit Control Assistant

Published: 15 December 2022

Job Title: Graduate Finance and Credit Control Assistant
Location: Peterborough
Degree: Business Management and Accounting & Finance at Nottingham Trent University
Start date: 15th August 2022


How did your career journey begin at Xperience?

After graduating, I searched for a graduate finance role with a company who could provide me with the opportunity for growth and development. I then came across this role on Indeed and applied, Xperience met and exceeded my expectations.

What was your experience of the recruitment process?

It was an enjoyable experience. The application was quick unlike other applications I have experienced. After this, I was invited to an assessment centre which took place on Teams. I felt comfortable during this process which allowed me to demonstrate my skills confidently. The final stage was the interview with the Hiring Manager. The process was not too formal which meant that it felt like a conversation rather than an interrogation. Ultimately, this reduced a lot of nerves which meant I could really show what I have to offer.

What does a typical day as a Graduate Finance and Credit Control Assistant look like?

The day would begin by running through banking, in order to establish which customers have made a payment. I would then access my emails and respond to any queries and prioritise my tasks for the day. Now I can continue working on the aged debt report. Every Thursday I lead this meeting to report to the Finance Director and the Client Account Director. Whilst working on this report I contact the customers who have outstanding invoices, and invoices which are becoming due in order to confirm payment. I would do this by calling them directly or sending emails. Aside from the aged debt report, I answer any incoming calls, send invoices to customers and complete other Finance activities. In my role I heavily use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM.

What skills does a Graduate Finance and Credit Control Assistant need?

Good verbal and written communication are vital in this role. Teamwork is also key as I work closely with members of the Finance department as well as Client Account Managers. Problem solving and using your initiative is beneficial. Knowledge of Excel is required as I work on the aged debt report using Excel.  Good numeracy is also needed.

What do you like most about working for Xperience?

The hybrid working pattern is great. It’s one of the factors which attracted me to this role. I feel that this really is a good balance which allows me to improve my performance. The people at Xperience are great and approachable. I have really enjoyed and taken a lot from the Xperience Academy workshops. They have provided me with tools for personal development.

What are your expectations for the future with Xperience?

I expect to have advanced to another role within the company. As a Graduate Finance and Credit Control Assistant, I will be exposed to many aspects of the business. I will be looking to continue and work towards a specific role or area of the business, once given enough exposure.

What have you enjoyed most about the academy workshops so far and what have you learnt?

The workshops have been very insightful. I have taken away many tools which I can now use for work. But not only for work, there are practical examples and tools I can now use outside of work.

Why would you recommend Xperience as a great place to work?

There is great emphasis on personal development. The hybrid structure is a big positive if you are someone who prefers the best of both working in the office and at home. There is a diverse and  inclusive culture, and the office space is great.

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