Miles’ career journey from graduate to Head of Sales

Published: 14 April 2022

Miles Redding 

Job title: Director of Sales (Cloud and MIT) 

Location: St Neots Office, Cambridgeshire 

Degree/University: Sport Business Management at the University of Leeds 

Start Date: January 2014

Riverlite 371

The Start of Miles’ Career Journey with Xperience. What did your Graduate role involve? 

The initial role was for a Sales Graduate Programme, which was to involve exposure within a number of departments, with a focus on developing our understanding of the business and our commercial acumen. Specifically, this involved dedicated time focused on the following areas – Customer Strategy and Consultancy // Customer Satisfaction & Engagement // Vendor Management and Procurement // Client Meetings and Effective communication // Sales Process (Prospecting, Qualifying, Proposing, Closing) // Negotiation & Deal Structure // Marketing Strategy // Content Creation // Events and Corporate Hospitality 

Ultimately, I was able to experience and understand all aspects of the business which helped determine where my strengths would be best applied. I would describe myself as a people person with a keen interest and eye for business, as such, a customer facing commercial role was the best fit for me. 

What support and mentoring was offered to you as a recent Graduate? 

I was given an assigned mentor, with whom I had regular engagement and weekly reviews of progress and challenges we needed to overcome. Throughout the programme I was continually challenged to improve and was given clear targets and objectives, which I reviewed regularly in partnership with my mentor. What really worked is the programme didn’t just focus on my professional development, but my personal as well.  

What does your role involve now?  

As of January 2022, I have been the company for 8 Years, during which time I have held a number of roles and continued my development with the support of the business: 

  • Sales Graduate 
  • Partner Manager  
  • Key Account Manager  
  • Sales Manager  
  • Head of Sales 

In my current role of Head of Sales, I am responsible for all commercial elements of the retention and acquisition of customers, specifically around Cloud IT & Managed Services. I have a team of Account Managers that are responsible for the day-to-day interaction with customers enabling me to maintain strategic relationships with key accounts and partners 

As part of the senior management team, I work closely with all departments of the business ensuring that as an organisation we are working both efficiently and effectively towards achieving our strategic goals and growth objectives. 

Benefits of working at Xperience 

Exciting Opportunities – We’re a growing company with big ambitions and I was able to play a critical role in the journey and I get to see the impact of my work.  

Culture – We’re a fantastic team, commitment to continuous improvement, willingness to help each other and go above and beyond both internally and for customers. 

Trust and flexibility– the business have always been very accommodating and supportive, whilst providing all staff with visibility of the company’s objectives and performance.   

The company recognises and rewards success, and continually invests in its people so we can recruit, train and retain the best. 

Fast paced industry whereby every day is different, certainly in my role each day you will be meeting/speaking with different people, from different industries helping them to devise an IT strategy that supports their business objectives. 

Why would you recommend Xperience as a great place to work? 

I wanted to work somewhere that I would be valued, both in terms of recognition and reward. I wanted the opportunity to continually develop and improve and the business is certainly able to match and support my personal ambitions. The company culture is shared by all and there is a fantastic team ethos, which is centred around doing right by our customers.  

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