McAvoy Invest in ITs Future

Published: 24 May 2012

With 40 years of experience the McAvoy group is a seasoned professional in offsite construction employing with sites in Lisburn, Cork, Dungannon, Dublin and Oxford.

This new IT investment will see Xperience providing the McAvoy Group with a private Cloud Computing system, consolidating all of the construction company’s business applications and providing widespread access for its business consultants whether they are in one of its offices, out on the road or working from home.

With business experts estimating that Cloud Computing will account for 25 percent of annual IT expenditure growth by the end of 2012, Aidan Walsh of McAvoy’s has stated the company’s investment in cutting edge IT solutions is key to the development of its business growth strategy across new and local markets. Commenting, on the investment, he said, “We are looking to significantly grow our business base across the UK and Ireland in the next four years and having recently been successful in achieving a place on a number of business frameworks including Sport England, Electricity Supply Board in Ireland & GPS it is vital that we have the systems in place to ensure our team can react quickly to maximise positive outcomes from these opportunities.”

“By investing in the latest cloud technology we have been able to virtualise our entire IT infrastructure making control across all our sites much simpler by reducing twelve IT servers over four locations to nine servers within our Head Office in Dungannon. Our business is fast moving and customers expect instant information, quotes and updates and our new system allows for better and faster service. All our employees can now enjoy the same performance and access to applications regardless of location which is a prerequisite for us in the delivery of new business opportunities through access to key performance indicators, scheduling, project management and financial processing.”

“This investment is an integral part of a targeted campaign to grow our business and will provide us with the confidence, flexibility and security that we need to compete for leading construction contracts throughout these islands.”

According to Patrick Leggett, Director, Xperience, “More companies like the McAvoy Group are reviewing how the latest IT technology can help streamline their business processes and provide the flexibility and efficiencies to become more competitive.”

Mr Leggett, commented, “To maintain and grow market share many Northern Ireland companies are reviewing how efficient and competitive their business is and one sector that is providing solutions is the IT industry. At Xperience, we see the development and acceleration of Cloud technologies as the next significant step that businesses can take towards a more streamlined, cost efficient business model.”

“By providing the McAvoy Group with a private and secure Cloud solution all employee workstations regardless of age or spec will benefit from cutting edge technology, providing a stable IT platform to support the company’s drive for new business. The system also provides flexibility for the company to expand its IT requirements in line with the company’s growth.”

Xperience which is a Microsoft Gold partner has also been awarded Platinum status by accounting software provider Pegasus, one of only four in the UK to do so. The company has been in the Northern Ireland marketplace since 1969 and currently employs 50 people.

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