Strengthen your cyber security and identify your weak spots.

How cyber aware is your business?

Have you ever wanted to easily identify who from your workforce requires a little more support on their cyber security knowledge, by sending out your own phishing email – bespoke to that employee, linked to their interests- just like the real hackers do? Well now you can, and it’s free!

We have teamed up with our trusted partner KnowBe4 to bring you an amazingly insightful tool; the phishing simulation security test – Phish Prone.

With 91% of hacks beginning with a phishing email, it is imperative that you and your workforce can not only identify these emails but avoid and report on them.

It is a well-known saying within the cyber security industry that you are only as strong as your weakest link, these ‘weakest links’ are likely to be either yourself or your hardworking colleagues and employees. Therefore it is crucial to educate them on how best to avoid clicking on scam/phishing emails.

Whether you are the IT manager/ CISCO, or you’re a senior manager looking to assess and strengthen your workforces existing cyber security understanding; this tool will give your business a genuine review of your workforces cyber security needs.

The tool we recommend is Phish Prone by our trusted cyber security partner KnowBe4, which allows you to test up to 100 of your employees with customised phishing templates based on email content they would expect to receive. You even get to choose the landing page they are redirected to after that fateful click.  Then you can decide when and how the recipient receives information that the email they clicked on was a phishing scam, and what consequences it could of had to the wider business, it was genuine.

This is a fun and innovative way to engage your workforce in cyber security awareness, as well as collate supportive data towards a cyber security budget.

You will receive a report within 24 hours of the phishing simulation, providing you with a Phish Prone percentage score and results breakdown, compared with a peer benchmark, to help you build your business case to enhance your cyber security budget.

Ready to test your employees’ cyber awareness?

Download your FREE Phish Prone phishing security test and learn what percentage of your business may need additional cyber security protection here>>


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